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Anyway The Wind Blows

Opal Sands Wedding – Clearwater Beach Wedding – purple and white wedding- happy bride and groom

In the past, our Special Moments Event Planning blog has talked about being OK with your plan B; and Melissa and Nelson are a wonderful example of that. The evening before their wedding at the beautiful Opal Sands Resort on Clearwater Beach, it was fairly windy and pretty chilly. Melissa decided right there that the…

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All chair covers are not created equal!

A common misconception is that chair covers fit all chairs…wrong! Depending on what kind of chair you are going to have for your wedding will determine the size of the chair cover you will need. A white folding chair and banquet chair will require two different chair cover sizes. You will be surprised at how…

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Insider Tip on Linens

One of our favorite ways to dress up a reception is by using extravagant linens. Choosing a patterned linen, or a plain linen made of rich, luxurious fabric stands out in a room, setting the stage for an extraordinary event. When we suggest this to our clients, most of them are quick to comment that they can get…

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