We Are All In This Together

       I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun while learning, & I don’t mean higher learning college type fun, actually enjoying the learning process and calling it fun. This past weekend was so busy – no surprise – we had a wedding in Tampa ,  took a nap, then headed to Orlando for a shine conference for event planners.


If there was ever someone who could throw a good party it’s an event planner, and if there was ever someone that could party hard, no contest it’s an event planner.


I Don’t want to bore you with all the details, so I’ll hit the high points for you. The conference lasted two days but I only attended the first day. There were three speakers, Donnie Brown – a celebrity planner that you may know from a reality show “whose wedding is it anyway?”


when I first started working with Tammy she would throw out names, I would think, “um, who?” but since I’ve gotten some time in the industry I’m now like “oh my gosh Donnie Brown!” His topic was, ” creating a brand”. He went over logos, package prices, and website layout. Let me tell you, this man knows his stuff and is an absolute hoot. All work and no play just won’t work.
My favorite quote:

Donnie read off a list of his top 10 most memorable moments and one was from a flower girl. The day of the wedding the flower girl came up to him and asked ” since my aunt ( the bride) was kissing that other man (not the groom) are they going to get married now?!

Next came Heather Canada with her topic of time management.  No matter your profession we can all use some time management, multitasking is not good but it’s almost like the worst kind of addiction because we all do it.


My favorite quote:
“Think of your time like your finance budget, you have to say no sometimes”

Then lastly came Mark Kingsdorf. His topic I found the most interesting, doubling your business working with same-sex couples. He gave a disclaimer at the head of his presentation that he was not going to discuss / debate anything outside of working with a same sex couple for business purposes and the ways to approach it as a business person.


My favorite quote:
“I’ve been openly gay since I was 18 years old, I’m 53 now you aren’t going to change my mind with your opinions and views”.

He brought up having a symbolic ceremony versus a legal  recognition and the economic impact on same-sex marriages, and getting to know your couple the same way you would a straight couple. And the importance of not recommending vendors that may not support same sex marriages.

Then we ate. Then we partied.


This conference was so informative and fun and encouraging and engaging. A special thank you to my boss lady Tammy for recommending that I attend this conference  and to all to all the wonderful people I had the pleasure of meeting and gaining some of their wisdom. It was so comforting being able to relate to other individuals while I was going through the same dilemmas while dealing with a clients needs.

We are all in this together .

Funny quotes from the after party:

Jenn: “some little Jon never hurt anybody”

My friend Susan was boogying all over the dance floor. She told me ,”I’m not from Miami for nothing.





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