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A Glimpse of the Past

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As long as I can remember my father has collected vintage radios, the classic body styles and the retro. We would go to flea markets or antique stores and once he found his prize his face would light up all day.  The radios were all beautiful and interesting, each with a story of its own once you wiped the layer of dust away.  He would get home and plug it in and listen, I think it took him back to his childhood and listening to the radio with his father.  Watching my dad and helping him find the next radio over the years always gave me an appreciation for history and the allurement of antiques.  I love going to antique shops and getting a glimpse of the past.


This past weekend every member of the Special Moments staff has been busy making dreams come true; that shouldn’t be much of a surprise!  One of our weddings was in Dunedin, a place I have visited little, but is undeniable a place you should stop through.  The ceremony was at Historic Andrews Memorial Chapel.  This place is stunning, so old, so well kept, so beautiful. It brought me back to looking for old radios with my dad. Built in the late 1800s, this building served as many other establishments in its time until finally settling as a chapel.

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There are pictures through the years of the building  on the walls and historical glass cases of items each with a story.  I wasn’t able to take all the photos I wanted of this gem–I had to work sometime–but I at least wanted to get enough to share them with you.

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