Wedding Parties and Honor Attendants

If you follow our Special Moments Event Planning blog, you’ll notice that we often use the term Wedding Party rather than Bridal Party. We also use the term Honor Attendant in place of Best Man and Maid (or Matron) of Honor.


Wedding Parties

We are seeing more and more couples choosing friends and family of the opposite sex as part of their wedding party. Whether it’s a bride who chooses her brother or a male friend or a groom who includes a female family member or friend, it’s something we see a lot.

And, despite what many people automatically think, it’s not always our same-sex couples. We see this trend happening everywhere.


What Are The Rules?

The good news for couples is that there are NO RULES! You can include whomever you want, and in terms of attire, you can choose whatever attire you want. Here are some great examples of options for your wedding party’s attire.


Erica’s Wedding Party

Recently, Erica chose Jarrett as her Man of Honor, alongside Jamie, her Maid of Honor. Jarrett wore a classic black tuxedo and boutonniere, the same as the groom and his wedding party. But, his tuxedo was accented with a pink bow tie and pocket square to pair with the dresses worn by the rest of Erica’s wedding party.


Allison and Austin’s Wedding

In a recent Tampa wedding, both Allison and Austin chose male and female friends to be in their wedding parties. Regardless of which side of the aisle they were on, all of the women wore long blue dresses carrying pink and white bouquets—all of the men dressed in blue suits with pink bow ties, pocket squares, and boutonnieres.


Bryan’s Wedding Party

In a third wedding, a woman in Bryan’s St. Petersburg wedding party wore the same navy blue suit, necktie, and pocket squares as her male counterparts.

Surround Yourself With Love

The bottom line is that old rules are changing. On your wedding day, choose to surround yourself with people you love – regardless of their gender!

And, there are no rules. Choose attire for your wedding party that works best for the style and feel of the other elements of your wedding!


*Cover image from Amanda and Amber’s St Pete Beach wedding. Image by Cara DeHart Lewis

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