The Face of Determination


Yeah, it’s fine to put foil in the microwave.

One more drink won’t hurt.

It’s supposed to make that noise.

Hey, watch this (insert dumb action).

This looks sturdy enough to hold my weight.

Who cares about expiration dates.

Of course its safe.


No matter the weather, we are getting married on the beach.

If you were in the Bay Area this past weekend then you know how gloomy the weather was on Saturday.  Well. We were on the beach.  Getting ready for a wedding. A beach wedding. In the rain. I came ready to work, equipped with rain boots and rain coat.  The rain and my hair, um, that’s a no go. Days prior we were checking the hourly forecast like crazy to help with a game play, but predictions are just that and everybody knows the weather man just can’t be trusted.  So we looked into getting a large tent set up.  The wedding was on the beach right outside of Hotel Isis and if the weather didn’t hold up then we had the tent for ceremony and reception.


That day there was still drizzling here and there as we made changes to the set up.  With the ceremony at 4:30 we were awaiting the bride to make the final call of whether to have the ceremony on the beach or under the tent.


We got the word.

No matter the weather, she said. We are getting married on the beach.

Tammy and I looked at each other, get to it.

We started setting up the ceremony and the wind was relentless, the sun still hadn’t come out, and I was freezing with the tiny droplets of rain dancing on my face.  But this was what our bride wanted. Bottom line. So I present to you the face of determination:


I held my phone up and couldn’t even tell if I was taking a picture of myself or not. We finished setting up and magically moments before the start of the ceremony, the sky opened up and the sun jumped out.  And it was absolutely beautiful.


The rain stayed away and the entire evening was perfect.  Another perk of the job, things work out.  The bride wanted her dream beach wedding and Special Moments delivered with or without the rain in our way.  Her famous last words turned into a prediction for their happily ever after, no matter the weather Nicole and Brian were there to stay.  Congrats to you two and may no storm stop your bliss.

The night ended with the promise of a breathtaking sun set.



Until the next time,



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