Take A Bite!

As Tampa Bay wedding planners, especially planning destination weddings, Special Moments Event Planning is asked all the time about tasting food for your wedding.

Hiring a professional wedding planner was your first step in the right direction to make this easier and less stressful for you. We have prescreened some of the best caterers in central Florida and we will steer you in the right direction. Whether you are looking for a unique venue with a closed caterer list or a hotel or resort along the gulf coast that provides in-house catering; chances are we have worked there.

The next thing that eases the pain is to rethink how you plan to do your tasting and how you pick your menu for your wedding. There is always a lot of worry about private tasting versus group tasting.

Either works well, typically at a group tasting a caterer will be showcasing many of their most requested items, you will get to see food displays and see their staff in action serving and clearing for a larger group.

At a private tasting, you will get to pick the items you want to try and have a little more private time to discuss your wedding.

The truth of the matter is that you are trying to see the quality of their food and not necessarily about how well they make your favorite dish. You are likely to change your mind on the food items several times from what you looked at originally.

Here are some helpful tips on picking your wedding menu:

Look at your entrée selections first. You will more than likely have two to three options, depending on whether you are considering a plated dinner or buffet option. Pick items that you enjoy, but that are going to be widely accepted by a majority of your guests.

Be sure to look at varied options like chicken, fish, red meat, or vegetarian depending on the dynamics of your family and friends.

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Work backward and select your salad. If you have selected chicken with spinach, or steak with mushrooms, you might not want to have a spinach salad with mushrooms.


Then have fun with your hors d’oeuvres and stationary food displays. Again, look to offer a nice mix of vegetarian, seafood, not all fried, not all breaded and select some interesting things you will enjoy. If your family and friends would not try something out of the box, there is sure to be something else coming along.

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Also, be sure not to overlook things like a cheese charcuterie or veggie display! Simple eaters will gravitate to these. Having a stationary display is comforting to people who do not like asking what something might be, and they know exactly where to find the food.

Bottom line, relax and enjoy your tasting. Remember you are looking at quality and service over picking one specific item. Have fun!

Call our Special Moments Event Planning team at (727) 343-0800 to talk about your wedding and the great catering options available to you for your Tampa Bay Area wedding.

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