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I hope you had a wonderful weekend because mine was grrrreat!!  It was a 2-4-1 weekend, Friday I went to a Tampa Bay Area wedding with the boyfriend as a guest, a guest, I was so excited to be a guest you would have thought I was completely new to the concept.  Even though I know people appreciate our work, sometimes its nice to have the work done for you as you enjoy the view.  The last wedding I attended as a guest I was very critical of the ceremony, the décor, the everything, but this time I was able to turn that side of the brain off and enjoy the open bar and good friends.  Trading in the black dress uniform for a cute polka dot sundress was nice for a day.


And so was dancing. And so was sitting during the ceremony. And so was taking advantage of open bar.


On to Saturday.  We headed out for a Tampa Bay Area residential wedding event. The couple was having the ceremony and reception in their home, and initially when we started working on this it reminded me of TV and how everyone always gets married in the living room.  But I assure you this was not the case. Thankfully.  The ceremony was outside on their beautiful patio pool deck and the reception was a sort of glorified cocktail party.  All the furniture in the house was removed, we brought in a few tables and chairs to sprinkle on the deck, fantastic food, open bar with an incredible wine selection — I have recently turned my boyfriend on to wine and its many wonders but these people, oh my. Wine coolers, wine cellars, wine con-oh-surs.  I wished I could have stayed just to fully grasp all the knowledge they had on wine, it was truly something to see.  Some people drink wine but I want to be like them when I grow up and truly ENJOY it. ( I’m actually sipping on a glass of Moscato as I write. Sunday habit.)

What I love about this couple is their simplicity.  There was no bouquet toss or first dance or much of the traditional pattern that a reception follows.  They had their ceremony, personal and sweet, and then the appetizers were served and they enjoyed the company of having their loved ones in their home for the remainder of the night.

20141011_151624      20141011_183349

Now some traditions were weaved into the night, a small bridal party, a cake cutting but mostly it was everyone enjoying (the wine) the intimacy. Sometimes simple wins.  If it  fits the couple then its perfect.  And that’s all any bride really wants right, just a wonderful night.

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