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We find that couples love to see all the hard work and beautiful wedding details featured for the world to see. We know the secrets to get published and work with the right vendors to make it happen!

These are just some of the magazines, blogs, and publications we have had our weddings and events featured recently.

Pretty Pear Bride- Niasya and Antrone

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Wedding Expert Video – Marry Me Tampa Bay 

Planning a memorable St. Petersburg wedding requires hiring the correct wedding pros. Everyone has their specialty and duties for the day to make it flawless. However, you need to thoroughly discuss these responsibilities with your wedding pros. Are you bringing in some of your own decor? Who’s going to put it out? Don’t have a wedding planner? Who’s going to collect your gifts, personal items, cake etc. at the end of the night?

Many couples assume that these are all items that your venue coordinator will handle. While some coordinators include more extensive services, others do not; every venue is different so double check what’s included with your wedding package. St. Petersburg wedding planner Tammy Waterman, owner of Special Moments Event Planning, (and the only Master Wedding Planner in the Tampa Bay area) shares insight “The Difference Between a Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator.”

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bride and groom -

Marry Me Tampa Bay – Amanda and Mike

Amanda and Mike met in middle school and were immediately drawn to each other. However, the timing between the pair didn’t work until years later after graduation.

As their relationship progressed and when it came time to pop the question, Mike threw the Tampa Bay bride off by scheduling a faux photo session.

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tampa wedding planner - flroda destination wedding planner

Marry Me Tampa Bay – Jamilee & Eric

It’s all about timing when it comes to relationships. Luckily Tampa Bay couple Jamilee and Eric were in sync. “We met on Match.com. Eric’s subscription was just about to run out and mine had pretty much just begun. We exchanged a few emails and then gave out our home email addresses so we didn’t lose each other when his subscription ran out. We met up a few weeks later and hit it off. I was telling my family in just a few weeks that I was sure he was the one I was going to marry,” the bride reminisced.

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bride and groom - first kiss- bride and groom in front of fountain

Marry Me Tampa Bay – Tara and Fred

South Tampa couple Tara and Fred met through mutual friends, and after some persistence from the groom, they went on their first date to P.F. Changs.

They became an official couple on New Year’s Eve and were engaged a year and a half later while vacationing in St. Augustine.

“It was out last night there and we decided to take a sunset stroll to the Castillo de San Marcos. In front of the Fort, Fred looked at me and said, ‘We are going to have a wonderful life together.’ I am a total pessimist and responded, ‘How do you know that?’ Fred said again, ‘We are going to have a wonderful life together,” as he brought out the 1910 antique ring that I had been obsessing and asked me to marry him,” Tara reminisced.

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bride and groom - bride and groom in lounge chairs

Marry Me Tampa Bay- Elizabeth and Jason

Elizabeth and Jason met at a pharmacist conference in New Orleans and stayed in touch until their next meeting six months later.

“It was then that Jason and I had our first date,” Elizabeth explained. “Jason was living in Pittsburgh and I in D.C. at the time, so after the first date we began our long distance relationship.”

After dating more than two years, Elizabeth relocated to Pennsylvania to be with Jason, and 1 1/2 years later he proposed.

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st Petersburg wedding - glamorous wedding in st Petersburg

Style Me Pretty

This wedding goes beyond the standard gorgeous fare. The pretty pastel florals by Iza’s Flowers or the glamorous details by Special Moments are all making an appearance. But what really strikes a cord is that all those pretty moments were planned by the Bride-to-be while her love was deployed over seas. And the culmination of all that love and planning and waiting is so, so sweet. Have a look at all the imagery by Captured Photography By Jenny right here.

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bride and groom walking hand in hand

Marry Me Tampa Bay – Michelle and Marc

Michelle and Marc’s waterfront Bradenton wedding featured a navy blue color palette and an outdoor, interfaith wedding ceremony under a large Spanish moss tree.

“We chose to have a little getaway ceremony in a quaint coastal town. With the venue being a historic, waterfront bed and breakfast, it matched all of our visions of what we imagined our wedding day to be like,” the bride gushed.

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groom in tan suit - bride and groom walking on dock

Marry Me Tampa Bay – Amanda and Christopher

Amanda and Christopher focused on keeping their waterfront St. Petersburg wedding intimate, without uninvited observers.

“Privacy was important. I wanted a beach wedding, and it took me a long time for me to accept that I wasn’t going to be able to have a private wedding on the beach,” the bride explained. “I didn’t want multiple weddings happening at the same time as mine or kids running around in bathing suits.”

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mirror lake lyceum - st Petersburg wedding

Marry Me Tampa Bay – Stephanie and Nathan

Stephanie and Nathan’s downtown St. Pete wedding focused on two of the couple’s loves: travel and family.

“We did not have a particular theme but wanted to focus on family, whether it was with photos, speeches or the twist that when people clinked their glasses, other couples had to stand up and show us how to kiss. We even included a tree decorated with prior family’s wedding photos and made sure to mention all those who could not be with us,” the bride shared. “Our love for adventure came out in the party favors, which were brass compasses decorated with paper tags that read, ‘Let the Adventure Begin.’ Our wedding planner added a chalkboard sign on the favors table that said, ‘Where on Earth Is My Table?’ and each compass included the table assignment.”

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clearwater Beach wedding - destination wedding planner in Florida

Marry Me Tampa Bay – Vanessa and Ivan 

Vanessa and Ivan’s intimate Clearwater Beach wedding featured modern, elegant decor with rich colors of purple, silver, and white.

“Since our wedding was on the smaller side, 60 guests, we wanted each decision, from the table décor to the attire and rings, to be simple yet elegant,” the bride explained. “Our attention to details including the flowers and arrangements as well as unique favors made the day fun and intimate for friends and family.”

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Nigerian wedding - Bright colorful weddings

Munaluchi Bridal

Oluwatitoyin and Shomari had a real cultural fusion at their wedding. They combined elements of the bride’s Nigerian Yoruba culture with influences from the groom’s Caribbean roots. The combination created a beautiful masterpiece of joy, celebration, and cultural fusion. Their special union was photographed by Bryan Glynn of BG Pictures Photography.

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