Creating A Memorable Wedding Ceremony

Our Special Moments Event Planning team loves working with couples who are putting together beautiful, unique and memorable Tampa Bay area wedding ceremonies.


Make It Personal

Whether you are working with a local officiant or someone you have known your entire life, the key to a great wedding ceremony is to make it personal.

Connecting with the officiant, discussing how you met, your relationship and your personalities will help them craft the pieces that connect the traditions you include in your wedding ceremony.


Family and Friends

Whenever possible, including family and friends in your wedding ceremony will make it more memorable.

The pieces of your wedding day you will most remember are the family heirlooms you may use for the blessing of the wine or to hold candles or asking special people to read or play music.


Unique Touches

Including an interactive element to your wedding ceremony that brings both of you together is a nice visual touch for your wedding photographs.


Unity Candles

Unity Candles are an age-old tradition with two outside candles, often lit by the couple’s mothers/ parents which are then used by the couple to light one larger candle symbolizing the new relationship.


Wedding ceremony - unique wedding ceremony - unity candle - unique ways to use a unity candle


In some cases, couples have shied away from this because many of the candles have religious elements incorporated into them. Any candle can be used, and they can be as simple or full of meaning as you want.

One thing to consider with this ceremony is where your wedding is being held. An outdoor wedding ceremony with three open flame candles can be problematic with a good breeze. In this case, you might want to consider something with a glass hurricane globe to protect the candle.


Sand Ceremonies

A Sand Ceremony is very popular, especially in our Tampa region with so many beaches available. They each pour sand from individual vessels into a single container to show that two have blended together.

The container can also be kept as a keepsake. We have seen some beautiful glass frames with engagement photos of the couple. Where the sand fills in behind the photo.


wedding ceremony - beach wedding ceremony. - sand ceremony - unique ideas for a wedding ceremony - heart shaped vase for a sand ceremony - two colors of sand for a sand ceremony


One thing to keep in mind is to select two colors of sand that are bold enough to be seen and blend well together.

This can also be a great ceremony if children are involved as multiple people can participate together.



This ceremony is actually centuries old and used in many cultures. A beautiful, ornate piece of cloth or cord is used by the officiant to wrap the couple’s hands together for a blessing.


hand fasting - hand fasting ceremony - wedding ceremony - unique wedding ceremony ideas


The fabric and wrapping of the couple’s hand symbolize the connection and devotion to each other. Many couples choose to keep the cloth and create a piece of art as a reminder of their wedding vows.



Wine ceremonies have recently been growing in popularity. While wine has been a traditional element in weddings for hundreds of years, the modern ceremony is quite different.

Couples will select a bottle of their favorite wine, and quite often a vintage might be a splurge for them. The bottle is then placed in a wooden box. Each partner then writes a note to the other about their love and what they feel on their wedding day and seals them.


wine bottle in a wooden box- wine ceremony - wooden box for wine ceremony - wedding ceremony - unique wedding ceremony ideas


These three elements are then added to the box and sealed during the ceremony. Some couples choose to open the wine and notes on their first wedding anniversary.

Other couples tuck the box away to be opened if a time should arise where they struggle with their relationship.

Whatever elements you choose to include in your wedding ceremony, make them memorable. Include visual elements that can be a keepsake and make them uniquely yours.

Our Special Moments Event Planning team looks forward to working with you on planning your Tampa Bay area wedding and creating your special moments.




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