Wedding Planning From Your Couch

Our Special Moments Event Planning team knows that it might be hard to find a silver lining in anything that the world is currently throwing your way. We also know that many of our couples are still at home. And, there are ways to do wedding planning from your couch in between home projects.

Couch Karaoke

We’d be willing to bet that at some point during your week, you and your fiancé are hanging out on the couch, surfing the internet or reading a book with music playing in the background.

This is the perfect opportunity to work on your playlist for your wedding reception! Take a look at the genres of music you might be listening to and what might be appropriate for dinner and what cranks up the volume when the time comes to pack the dance floor.

Be sure to write down some of your favorite musicians, and the songs you’re singing along to. And, if you suddenly find yourself in the kitchen dancing to a song, make sure that one gets two stars next to it.

These are simple projects you can do from home that will be a huge help when you start meeting with your band or DJ, regardless of when your wedding date might be.


Special Moments Event Planning. – Tampa Bay wedding planner – wedding planning during quarantine - picking your wedding music while stuck at home - bride and groom singing in kitchen


Zoom Isn’t Just For Meetings

While you are listening to music, you might want to think about your first dance as well as those special parents’ dances. There are thousands of songs out there for Father/ Daughter and Mother/Son dances.

But you want to find the ONE song that is perfect for the two of you. You want that song that talks about your relationship or holds special meaning for the two of you.

Take some time and get your parent on a video chat, and while you’re there, play them some music you might be thinking about for your special dance.


Special Moments Event Planning. – Tampa Bay wedding planner – wedding planning during quarantine - video conferencing family while spending time at home in quarantine period - Clearwater beach weddings


Let’s Dance

While dance lessons might not have been your thing, with a little extra time at home, you and your fiancé can work on picking your first dance song and maybe even work on a few dance moves.

In some traditions, we see wedding parties doing some dances to entertain the couple. While you have an online virtual cocktail party with your wedding party, you might want to choreograph a couple of dance moves to entertain your wedding guests and new spouse.


Special Moments Event Planning. – Tampa Bay wedding planner – wedding planning during quarantine - couple practicing first dance at home during quarantine - St. Petersburg Florida weddings


Nothing Beats Online Shopping

Ok, we know you are already online shopping for new clothes and stuff for the house, so why not get some wedding work done while you’re there.

From wedding favors to those personalized touches, you never thought you’d have time for, now is the time. In many cases, you are also supporting someone’s small business, which is still able to work at home, crafting these special touches.

Keep in mind that some pieces, especially from overseas, might take a while to ship. So, look at your planning time or shop locally. And, as much as it pains us to say, we suggest not personalizing anything with your wedding date.

And, while you are online, go ahead and log into your wedding registry and see what needs to be updated and what new items you might be want to add. It’s also the perfect time to update your wedding website with information for your wedding guests.


Special Moments Event Planning. – Tampa Bay wedding planner – wedding planning during quarantine - bride shopping online for wedding supplies - Tampa weddings


Have Some Fun!

Yes, getting some planning for your wedding while quarantined at home puts a lot of the planning pieces in place, you also want to take some time to have fun together!

While you are having a Quarantini, you can also play with some Signature Cocktails for your wedding reception.

We’ve also seen couples who are playing the Shoe Game as part of a virtual cocktail party with their family and wedding party. No need to save this for your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, it’s a fun way to get your wedding party together online!


Special Moments Event Planning. – Tampa Bay wedding planner – wedding planning during quarantine - making quarantinis - trying signature cocktails at home during quarantine


While you’re at home, get a few projects out of the way, have some fun, connect with your wedding party, and know that our Special Moments Event Planning team is here for you!


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