Savoring Special Moments

One of the things our Special Moments Event Planning team does well is to work with couples planning Tampa Bay weddings to create special moments!

When we redesigned our website last year, we made sure to include images that captured those special moments. And, as you can see, those special moments are as unique as each couple.


Taking Time For You

Sometimes, those special moments are just quiet moments alone during your wedding day. Any married couple will tell you that your wedding day flies by so fast.

Our planning team is always sure to work with our couples and wedding professionals to build in a little time alone. It might be as simple as a break to cool off, have a drink and a bite to eat with no one to bother you. It could also be a walk on the beach at sunset with your photographer off in the distance, secretly capturing the moment.


Have Fun and Do What Makes You Happy

Having fun for you might be heading off from your red, white, and blue Americana themed wedding in a vintage white convertible – after eating some of your favorite apple pie.


special moments event planning. - bride and groom driving off in a vintage white convertible - Saint Petersburg Florida wedding - vintage Americana wedding


Maybe for you, it’s including some late-night pizza and sliders so the two of you can chow down together and never have to leave the dance floor.


bride and groom eating late night snacks on the dance floor


It might mean adding touches of your favorite movie into your wedding and having a wand fight between your bridesmaids and groomsmen.


Harry Potter themed wedding with wand fight between bridesmaids and groomsmen


For other couples, it was something as simple as including their fur baby on their special day, even if it was just for a few photos.


bride and groom stopped for some photos with their dog - incorporating your dog in your wedding day


Include A Special Surprise

Some of our favorite special moments involve special surprises for a loved one. And, our team loves being in on the surprise.

Can you imagine the look on everyone’s faces when they expected the bride to walk down the aisle instead of arriving by plane?


bride arriving at her wedding in a plane - beachfront wedding with brie arriving in a plane


How about letting your groom-to-be get close enough to hear your voice and smell your perfume but never get to see you until you walked down the aisle.


blindfolded groom sitting next to his bride to be on the way to their wedding ceremony


Giving your new bride a shiny yellow bike during the wedding reception might not seem like much to some people. But, when it’s a bike just like the one from your first date, it creates the perfect special moment.


groom presenting his bride with a yellow bicycle just like the ones they rode on their first date


Time To Plan

With so many couples postponing their weddings, you might have some downtime to work on incorporating a very special moment into your wedding day.

There is nothing more romantic than to take some time between now and your wedding day for some special moments.

Something as simple as getting out of the house and heading to a state park for a quiet walk together. Or, maybe pack a picnic and head over to the beach at sunset.

As long as you are with the one you love, it’s sure to be a special moment!






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