4 {polite} Ways To Tell Your Wedding Guests Where To Go

Our Special Moments Event Planning team knows that every once in a while, couples really want to tell a few wedding guests where they can go… but this isn’t about THAT!

Wedding guests, especially when traveling for a Florida destination wedding, want to have as much information as possible and what comes next.

Here are some simple ways to keep your wedding guests in the know.


#1 – Wedding Websites


bride working to update information on her wedding website


A simple and easy to create wedding website is an enormous help. Couples especially found this helpful in the last few months as their wedding plans changes and some had to postpone.

Sharing information about hotel room blocks and special rates helps many decide about attending the wedding and its costs.

For wedding guests traveling in from outside of the Tampa Bay area, letting them know a bit about the local weather, the closest airport, and ground transportation. It’s also fun to include some of your favorite local restaurants and attractions to enjoy during their stay.


#2 – What’s On The Agenda?


welcome bag with for out of town wedding guests


By itself or as part of a welcome bag, a welcome letter is a perfect way to share information.

A simple timeline of the wedding day with times and locations of your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception puts them at ease. If you are hosting a post-wedding brunch, you can share that information as well.

Notes about outdoor ceremonies hosted on the beach help guests decide about applying sunscreen and what shoes to wear.


Clearwater Beach wedding ceremony set up on the sand

sandals with a cute starfish design for a beach wedding


#3 – Give Us A Sign!

If you are hosting your wedding at a large resort complex or a unique wedding venue, signage can be the key to wedding guests arriving on time.


decorative sign welcoming guests to a wedding ceremony


If you’ve ever wandered around a big resort trying to find your way, you’ll understand this. Working with the venue to make sure your wedding information is on their digital signage is a good start.

Our Special Moments Event Planning design team can work with you to create custom signage to direct wedding guests to your wedding ceremony and reception.

Additionally, we frequently work with couples to create signage for menus, specialty drinks, and seating. These can be custom creations to match your wedding colors and design.


custom designed seating chart for a wedding



#4- Get With The Program

Sometimes with more intimate wedding ceremonies, a program might not be necessary. However, it’s always nice to let people know who the players are- from family members to the wedding party.


a fan style wedding program with wedding party and family information


But, sometimes, depending on your wedding guest, you might need to share a little more information.

We often find with South Asian or Jewish weddings, for example, not every guest may know what’s about to happen. A simple list of terms and traditions helps them understand what is going on.


bride and groom drinking from a kiddish cup during a Jewish wedding ceremony


Taking a few simple steps to look at your wedding details from beginning to end and sharing some information will ease your friends and family. And help you to relax and enjoy your wedding day.


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