Where’s the coffee?

We recently had a wedding in Indian rocks Beach, Florida with an older crowd and several of the guests asked for coffee when the cake was being served.  Unfortunately,  the caterer did not provide any because that was not a beverage previously discussed/ contracted for between the bride and catering company.  The fortunate side is that the catering company was able to brew coffee for all the guests at their home base, transport it to the reception space, and serve everyone (in record timing mind you) and continue the party happily.  When I use the term ‘ older crowd’, I mean no offence, but being in my early twenties I have yet to be at any function with other follow Millennial members in the majority and there be a demand for coffee.  However, in my year stride with Special Moments ( Happy Anniversary to ME!!!!!) I have picked up on a hand full of tid-bits.

The first one being, at a wedding with a mixed crowd of all ages, coffee will be wanted. So you best have some aboard.


The second is a combo, someone will inevitably rip their dress / pants BEFORE pictures are taken( read about that post here ). A sewing kit and a steady hand have to win that battle. And a groomsmen or father will show up with a free hanging tie and have no idea how to use it.  Bless my dear parents!  My mother never showed me how to use a sewing machine, she sat me down at a young age and taught me the work of a needle and thread.  I have used a needle and thread more times in the last year of doing weddings than I have the last 20+ years of my life. And my pops had a rack full of ties when I was little.  I remember Sunday mornings before church, my brother and I would stand in the mirror of our parents bedroom and tie pop’s ties around our necks as he watched.  It took my little fingers many a Sundays to perfect when to loop over, around, or through, but every wedding that I tie a fabulous groomsmen/ father’s tie, I text pops to assure him his work was not in vain. But if you ask me to tie a bow tie, I’ll have to Google that one.


I could go on and on, because even though each wedding is different, the quirks have a funny way of being the same.

Until the next time we meet, I hope you fall deeply in love and your prince charming sweeps you off of your feet.  😉



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