Let’s make it officially Oh-fish-all

It is with a tear in my eye and a smile on my lips that I remove the “new girl” badge from my chest (look, I know I’ve been with the company for almost two years now but just go with me) and ceremoniously offer it to the next set of eager hands; stage left enter the Marvelous Melanie, Krafty Katie, and Positive Petra.( check out their Bios to get to know them by clicking here ) Now, within the last few years this phenomenon has come about that in order for something to be top notch, super-duper, officially oh-fish-all, three things need to happen:

  • It has to be posted on Facebook. How many times have you heard someone say, ‘is it on Facebook? It’s not official until it’s on Facebook.
  • Vague but excited word of mouth in this exact quote: Did you hear what happened?!
  • There has to be visual proof in the form of a photo.

Well ladies and gentlemen, brides and grooms, I’m here to let you know that as of last week we are notch top, duper-super, officially oh-fish-all! Our new girls were recently announced on Facebook (1), everyone was buzzing with the word (2), and then we all got photoshoot fresh for headshots and group pictures (3). The undeniably talented Kristina of Kristina Houser Modern Portrait Photography pulled all the stops on our Special Moments shoot so that we could officially oh-fish-all present our growing family to all of you!

There is nothing like taking a moment to get dolled up and smile with the special ladies of the team.

Check back for the official photos from our Company photo shoot!


Its officially oh-fish-all

We are photoshoot fresh

Just pick your planner

And we will do the rest.

Giving you ease and satisfaction

Special Moments brings

The best of the best.


Xoxo Krystal

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