Dancing with the wind

As a dream maker in training I was able to work on my first beach wedding this pass Saturday at The Sirata Resort on St. Pete Beach for Stephanie’s and Patrick’s wedding.

I am the draping and fabric guru at Special Moments at least that’s how my Fairy Godmother calls me and yes she is absolutely right I do love it.

So you would think draping an arch for a beach ceremony is nothing special. OH BOY …. you and I are both thinking wrong.

The day was beautiful, all except for the wind, it was blowing and blowing. I totally wanted to freak out, but where is that going to get me ? Definitely not the dream fairy tale I was in charge of.

arch before


Bill working on the tent draping

Bill working on the tent draping


Ceremony was 4 hours away so I took the time to play or may I say – start dancing with the wind. I figured out if I go with the wind everything will be alright. Best idea ever.

I finished draping the arch and now the question was how to make the draping stay on the arch where it was supposed to.

I opened my tool box and BOOM – rubber bands ( never ever been so happy to see rubber bands in my whole life.) YES, YES my friends that’s what happened, one panel was attached by rubber band to the arch and guess what ? It worked.

after the magic

after the magic

little details make everything more beautiful

little details make everything more beautiful


ceremony guests seating

ceremony guests seating

dancing 6

tent is finished

tent is finished amazing ceiling draping by Bill
















What have I learned from my dancing with the wind ? If you believe in your dream makers ( or fairies as we like to call ourselves ) anything and everything is possible with Special Moments Team on board.

ever after

ever after



And this is the end of my fairy tale story at least for today.

Check back for next week’s story, I am super excited about draping a Chuppah for next weekend at The Powel Crosley Estate.


XOXO Petra






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