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Wedding music sets the tone and creates the mood of your wedding ceremony and reception – let the wedding songs you choose reflect your style and personality. There are many special musical moments to consider, from the bride’s walk down the aisle to the couple’s first dance at the reception. Although you may not select every song that is played at your wedding, you probably want to choose the special songs for the important musical moments. Take the time with your fiancee’ to find the songs for your wedding that are romantic and fun and meaningful.                                                                 


To find the wedding songs for your wedding, take notes when you listen to the radio or listen to CD’s, read thru lists of the top wedding songs that can be found on the internet, in wedding books or magazines, and from the musical director of your wedding location or from the musicians you hire for your event. Many musical choices are available, whether you prefer traditional or modern wedding songs.






    • Prelude: The music that is played before the wedding ceremony begins.
    • Processional: The music that is played as the family and wedding party walk down the aisle.
    • Bridal Processional: The music that is played as the bride walks down the aisle.
    • Interlude: The songs performed during the wedding ceremony.
    • Recessional: The music that is played as you walk up the aisle together as husband and wife.
    • First Dance: The song played for the first dance as husband and wife.
    • Father/Daughter – Mother/Son: The song(s) that the bride and her father and the groom and his mother dance to.
    • Cutting the Cake: The music played while you cut the cake – can be a reprise of the first dance song.
    • Garter and Bouquet Toss: The music played for the garter toss and bouquet toss.
    • Last Dance: The last song of the night – often the same as the first dance song.



    • Getaway: The song that is played as the bride and groom leave the reception.





If your wedding is in a church, you may be required to use traditional accompaniment of a piano, organ, harp or string quartet for your wedding songs. In other wedding or reception sites, you should find out if they have any restrictions for the musical entertainment, including the rules and regulations on hiring outside performers, noise restrictions, or on music selection.


Also, make sure the site has the proper requirements necessary for the musicians, such as access to stages and electrical outlets, and loading, setup and sound check information.


When you are looking for the musicians for your wedding, you have many ways to audition them. Most bands or DJ’s will be happy to send you a demo and provide lists of wedding songs. Some musicians may have audition nights where they put on a show for prospective clients. Some musicians may invite you to attend one of their local performances or show you a video of other events they have done. It is helpful if you can get a word of mouth recommendation from other happy wedding couples. Your wedding music definitely affects the outcome of your event, so take the time to consider your options and investigate the references.


Although you have an amount budgeted for your wedding music (often 10% of the wedding budget), the amount you pay does not always reflect the quality of music or level of enjoyment. Take the time to find a musician that will provide you with fun and romantic and appropriate wedding songs that will make your wedding celebration wonderful. Ask if they will play wedding songs of your choosing or if they limit the choices to their own wedding song list.

The choice of who is hired to provide the wedding music can affect the price – the fees for a DJ often ranges from $150 to $450 an hour, while the fees to hire a band may range from $400 to $800 an hour. Some musicians may charge a flat rate for a set amount of time. A standard amount of time is four hours for hiring a band or DJ.







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