What Is A Wedding Time Capsule?

A wedding time capsule is a time capsule that is filled on the day of a couples wedding. They weddingtimecapsulecome in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are ideal for packing away all of those precious things that made the day so very perfect. But, what should go in them? And, who should give a wedding gift like this to a couple? Anyone can give a time capsule including the groomsmen, the bridesmaids or even the couple themselves. The idea is to take today, this very important day in their lives and somehow capture it in a time capsule so that they can remember it years down the road.

As for what can go into one, there are many options to consider. A time capsule can be filled with wonderful things such as a favor from the party, the invitations to the reception, and a pamphlet from the actual ceremony. They can have that special wine glass stored safely away in it. They can even have the grooms tie if you would like. Virtually anything can be placed into a time capsule that you would like. A nice idea is for each member of the bridal party to write a special note that can be safely tucked away into the capsule. Consider filling it with pictures of the day, the guestbook from the day as well as a champagne bottle. Why not add in a copy of the wedding vows as well?

The time capsule can be purchased throughout the web. They are available for different themes as well as have their own ideas of what should go in them. Once they are filled and sealed, they can be opened at any time that the bride and the groom decide, the farther down the road into their marriage the better. Whatever it is that is put into these time capsules should forever mark the day for these two people.

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