There Are No Secrets In Wedding Planning

Our Special Moments Event Planning team knows that, if you are like us, right after you met Tammy Waterman, you felt comfortable and opened up to her. That is EXACTLY what makes a great wedding planner.


Have you met Master Wedding Planner Tammy Waterman and the rest of our Special Moments Event Planning Team?


Building Trust With Your Wedding Planner

Feeling comfortable and trusting your wedding planner is enormous!

In order for a wedding planner to truly help create a wedding that reflects you and your personality, they need to really get to know you.

Whether it’s sharing the total budget, a surprise for your fiancé, food allergies, or some family drama that might create a problem on your wedding day, it’s essential for our Special Moments Event Planning team to know these things.


Young couple discussing their wedding budget with our Special Moments Event Planning Team



Secrets Are Made To Be Found Out In Time – Charles S Sandford, Businessman/Banker



Be Honest About Budget

Whether we’re looking at full-service wedding planning or making recommendations of venues or exceptional Tampa Bay wedding professionals, it’s important to know the bottom line.

Knowing the budget includes all kinds of side pieces too. Is your grandmother paying for your wedding gown? Those kinds of things happen all the time. So, that’s a piece that comes out of the total budget, leaving more to spend in other areas. Knowing details like that goes a long way because we also know what other questions to ask – does that include things like shoes, wedding veil, and alterations?

Beyond that, knowing who might be paying for what is an important piece. We’ve seen every configuration possible. Sometimes couples paying part of the cost. Parents on both sides of the aisle might be paying, or there might be situations of divorce where multiple people are investing in the wedding. The more people, the more opinions and suggestions.


confused bride to be talking on the phone with a wedding professional


The More You Know

One of the most significant planning challenges for a wedding planner is not having all of the details. Occasionally, a couple, or family members, hire a vendor and don’t share the contract with our team.

Not being about to review the agreement keeps us from knowing exactly what they have been hired to do. We review contracts for service limitations, timing, and even if a meal has been required in their agreement.

Having a copy of the agreement allows us to contact the vendor, confirm details, and make sure that our timeline reflects the correct information.



Trust us, a surprise on your wedding day is not exciting for your wedding team.

We love it when your fiancé, family, or wedding party plans a special moment for your wedding day. We need to know about it!

If your Best Man plans a confetti cannon for your introduction, we’d love to know it! Proper setup, positioning, and timing are all things that make that special moment a success.

We’ve had a groom who planned to serenade his bride during the reception. It’s important to make sure everyone is in the room when it happens, not only his bride but also the photographer and videographer.

Knowing that Noel was planning on surprising his bride Courtney with a bicycle, just like the one from their first date, made it happen smoothly. Our team had the bike ready to go, the DJ had a mic for the groom, and the photographer was in place.


groom surprising his bride with a yellow bicycle like the one from their first date


Our team knows that a successful wedding is a well-orchestrated series of events. Knowing all of the personalities, details, and secrets helps us make sure they are special moments!


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