The Temptations

I wish it would rain, it sounds strange to hear this from a dream maker at Special Moments, but I have to confess – The Temptations is one of my favorite music groups. I know corky, but that’s me 🙂 .



As a dream maker I actually don’t wish it would rain, but we always have to have a plan “B” just in case it does for each of our clients that decides to host their wedding outdoors. So as part of the planning process we always talk and discuss the plan “B” in advance , so as not to worry or stress anybody the actual day of your event, we can just implement plan ‘B” if needed and all is well that ends well.



My first wedding with Special Moments  was in July at the  St. Pete Beach Community Center.


Our bride Debbie & Erik planned to have their ceremony outside in the courtyard overlooking the water. Being that the wedding was in July and we know how Florida Weather is in July ,( 50% chance it is going to rain at some point of the day ) There was already a plan “B” discussed just in case. ( we would set up a 2nd arch inside identical to the arch outside , so we could make a last minute decision on where to have the ceremony)



One of my first duties as a Dream maker, I was assigned to drape 2 arches, one that   Bill had set-up earlier outside and then one inside for the plan “B”.


arch vision



Tammy handed me two BIG rolls of fabric, scissors, pipe cleaners,some floral wire and a Inspiration photo that Debbie found on Pinterest  and said here you go, good luck and get it done.








When I finished my beautiful masterpiece and stepped back to admire it,down came the rain !

WOW, Really, really my first one at Special Moments and it started raining seriously ?

Inside I did panic for a split second, but for some reason I kept humming that song by the “Temptations” “I wish it would rain ” and it made me happy and confidant that I could do this!

Plan “B” in full swing. We changed the reception space upstairs to ceremony mode and during cocktail hour we flipped it back to reception. With all of the vendors group  effort.

photo credit Ashfall Mixed Media

photo credit
Ashfall Mixed Media


lanter with roses




We dressed up the ceremony aisle with lanterns with light up candles inside and sprinkled fresh rose petals along the aisle also .








Debbie & Erik said I DO under the 2nd  beautiful arch I decorated inside with Rev Rick Lackore of Sensational Ceremonies pronouncing  them husband and wife while it poured outside, ( Don’t; forget the saying we all know and we tell all of our couples all the time in the wedding industry, repeat with me …. It is Good luck if it rains on your wedding day )




photo credit Grind and Press Photography

photo credit
Grind and Press


I do wish it would rain only in our minds as we are humming the lyrics by Temptations, not in real life for our couples, but nobody can control Mother Nature and so let’s make the best of it.


One advice I will give you always have a plan “B” – Special Moments Team will never let you down, we will always make your special day amazing.



This is my fairy tale story for this week.

Till next time





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