The Little Things



My mother has told me for years and years and years that “the little things are what matters.”  Hearing this for the first time at five years old, I think, ‘yes my legos are little people and they do matter.’  As you grow up and interact with people and have expectations and heart break and are just experiencing life in general, you don’t merely understand the “little things” concept, you embrace it and encourage it and use it as a gauge for other people’s consideration. My friend Emily gave me a little bottle of bubbles the other day because she knows how happy they make me.  Little things.  When my mom doesn’t feel good, my dad just gives her a kiss on the forehead and I see a faint smile touching the corner of her lips. Little things. When a stranger holds the door open for you. Little things.  Getting a text from a friend just saying they were thinking about you. Little things.  They are what matter because they mean so much.  As I have been doing more and more weddings solo, you run around all day like a chicken without a head or wing trying to make sure the dream is executed in all aspects there is this one little moment when the bride comes up to you with a world of happiness in her eyes and just says “thank you.”  Never underestimate the power of those two words. Never.  Have you ever done something for someone and then they don’t thank you, and it kind of gets under your skin?  The little thing of it is that ‘thank you’ are just words, just words, its the meaning behind that means so much because in our language we don’t have too many other words to try great appreciation.

I received a Thank you Note from Rebecca and Josh Winegar, married just this January and it made my day.  Hand written, one personally addressed to me and another personally addressed to Tammy. We receive thank you notes often, and it is always a good feeling to have your efforts noticed and to know the bride and groom were happy with your efforts, but I just wanted to send a note out to all our past brides to say thank you for the experience because it meant so much

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