Staying Fit During the Holidays

With the holidays upon us there a few things we can definitely  count on: traffic, stress, and weight gain. I am one of those people that actually enjoy working and eating broccoli I also LOVE throwing down on some chocolate cake.  So this Thanksgiving I cannot wait to head to my parents house for some true, homemade, take a nap after you eat, food-gasm, slap yo momma, heart warming, delicious soul food. I’m just a little excited, you know.  With so much good food around it is more than easy to fall off of an exercise / healthy food regime and lose site of the fact that you still need to fit into that wedding / bridesmaids dress in a few months.  Which brings up a very important decision:  During the holidays do you want to maintain your weight or continue to lose weight?

So along with my best attempts to stick to my regular exercise routine, here is my plan for the Thanksgiving weekend into Christmas: candlestick, cinnamon, motion.  Its a pre, during, and post your meal plan.

PRE: When you over eat your tummy stretches. Keep it tight and eliminate muffin top with candlestick dippers.  This is my favorite exercise because A) Its easy, B) hugely effective. Stand with your legs should length a part  and arms above your head with your hands clasped. Slowly lean over to the right side until you feel a stretch on your along your left side.  Slowly come back to your original position as you feel your sides working to control the movement.  25 on each side completes one set.  You will feel this the next day no doubt.

candle  STEP1                dip STEP 2


DURING: Sprinkle a little cinnamon over your food.  Just a little will not alter the taste of your plate I assure you. The benefit is that it increase your blood circulation which generally boost your metabolism.  The best is to get all natural ground cinnamon but mostly I use regular Publix brand. Obviously.



POST:  After that last bite of delicious Thanksgiving dinner  your eyes and belly are heavy and sitting on the couch doing nothing is a dream.  Motion is key here. Instead of just sitting put on some shoes and take a stroll around the block or through the house.  The light movement helps to digest your food and keep you metabolism up.




Have a great Thanksgiving!



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