Spotlight Vendor: Scotty P the Barber

There is always so much focus on the bride being flawlessly beautiful with goddess like makeup and stunning hair.  She has to be picture perfect, every strand of hair secured in its place.  But while she is glowing and magnificent, where’s her counterpart and how does he look?  All the preparation of beauty and scheduling appointments goes into making that bride beautiful and too often that last second of thought goes into the groom’s appearance and the hunt for a barber begins.  Photos are worthless if the bride is the only person standing out; the COUPLE needs to look breathtaking.

So we have been on the hunt and are excited to announce another ace to our bag of tricks!

20140412_122202  (hint hint: click on his picture)

They call him Master Fader, Scissor Hands of a Man, but most widely known as Scotty P the Barber.

Message him on Facebook to make an appointment for him to come to you. He is local to the Tampa Bay Area.



To me, the second most attractive thing a guy can do is have a fresh, crisp, b-ee-a-you-tee-full  hair cut; a well groomed man always turns heads.  And the ultimate first thing a man can do is put on a fitted suite.  Where’s a fan? I’m getting giddy just thinking about it. And where do I usually find these well groomed suited up men? That’s right, at a wedding.  So before I could recommend this barber to my grooms and groomsmen, I wanted to see his Scissor Hands in action.

Scotty P can be found at “The Barbershop”, a newly opened salon for men on Ulmerton Road in Largo.  Each stylist, or barber I should say, has their own cube equipped with a flat screen TV, sink, and back massager.  I called my stylists and let her know she needs to take some notes.  So just my luck, a little boy was hoping in Scotty P’s chair and I was able to witness the magic.  Might I say, Hi-5 to anyone that can get a toddler to sit still, let alone sit still while cutting their hair.

20140426_113204           20140426_120740

And as fading is his specialty, once he finished with this guy going on a first date, I noticed that Scotty P was more excited to give haircuts then most of the customers were to be getting their hair cut.  Nothing like loving your job!

20140427_111427         20140427_115652

Scotty P offers day of wedding Groomsmen’ packages where he comes to you and puts his Scissor hands to work, along with single cut deals and days prior to the wedding deals.  Including beard trims and working with a straight edge razor. To get all the details, check out some other cuts, and schedule a day of appointment for him to come to you by messaging him on .  He is local to the Tampa Bay Area.


Cheers to the guys looking just as good as the ladies,

xoxo Krystal

P.S. for the Ladies, it won’t hurt to go with your guy to get his hair cut because Scotty P is a cutie.  But don’t tell my boyfriend I said that.



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