Sand Ceremony Tips

 5 Tips for a Successful Sand Ceremony 
Looking for a little “something different” to incorporate into your wedding
ceremony?. The sand ceremony might be just the thing. It’s a practical
choice for outdoor weddings but couples in all sorts of venues are choosing
it for its message of unity. Of course, it also makes for a beautiful

Speaking of presentation, here are five tips to help you plan for a
memorable and picture-perfect sand ceremony. 
Plan a Smart Set Up                                                                 

It’s nice when guests can have a good view of the sand ceremony unfolding
instead of a good look at your backside. One option is to set up the vessels
on a small table so that the officiant can stand in the middle facing the
guests, and you and your partner can stand facing each other with the table
in between. Another option is for the two of you to stand on the same side
of a table facing the guests, with the officiant to one side.

Set the Scene

A bare, boring table with a vase of sand tends to look like an afterthought
and it doesn’t make for a very pretty picture. Try to get a table that’s on
the small side so that the vessel isn’t visually lost. If you can find a
pretty decorative table or stand, great. If not, make sure you have a nice
tablecloth and consider adding a pretty table runner or tapestry to dress it
up. You may also think about scattering rose petals or seashells to add more
visual appeal.

Keep it Smooth                                                                                                                       unitysandceremony

On especially humid days your sand could be holding some moisture causing it
to clump together which makes it rather difficult to pour elegantly. Keep
your sand well sealed and dry until you’re ready to use it, and make sure
the person setting up your ceremony checks the texture and gets rid of any

Minimize Mess

When it’s time for both of you to pour sand at the same time you may want to
have your officiant slip a funnel into the top of the central vessel. You
won’t have to worry about making a mess, and all of the sand will land where
it’s supposed to. The funnel can simply be a pretty piece of paper that
you’ve rolled and taped or tied into a cone shape. 

Make sure you and your officiant discuss the specifics of the sand ceremony
during your rehearsal. Who pours when? How fast should you pour? When does
the officiant speak? Getting yourself comfortable with the timing will allow
you to concentrate on the meaning instead of worrying about “getting it

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