Pinterest, oh Pinterest

Q: What is Pinterest?

A: visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects and interests.

Q: What are Pins?

A:  little bookmarks. Whenever you find something on the web that you want to keep, add it to Pinterest.


An addiction is what it is. You could spend hours and hours on the site finding more and more stuff, I was just on there looking before I writing you fine people and thought, “wait a minute.  Wasn’t I supposed to be doing something?”  Yea! my self said back, you were supposed to be getting a screenshot and then finishing the blog.  Need less to say, yet again Pinterest sucked me in, and I’m reworking the blog to tell you about it. An addiction I tell you.

Q: Where have all the dreamers gone?

When my family lived in Louisiana, my best friend and neighbor  was Brittany and we were in first grade together.  I would go to her house and she would always want to play wedding.  Why would you wanna play that? my first grade self thought (obviously the talking to myself started at an early age). I wanted to run outside and make mud pies (I also started doing my own laundry at a young age, Moms could only take so many mud stains).  A decade and some change later when Brittany’s boyfriend proposed to her and she didn’t have to play wedding anymore, I started playing wedding and got my first taste of  planning. By the end of her wedding night she told me, “this is the wedding I dreamed about….”  Really she was on the dance floor and screamed, “Wooooooooo I’m married!”   But in my mind I heard, dream+ wedding= came true. Its my blog, my story, and I’m sticking to it.  Yes, yes, I know  the stereotype is all young girls dream of getting married with the perfect wedding day, which as stereotypes go just isn’t true.  My mud pie phase is a testament to that.  Even so later there were times when I thought of details or guests at my wedding.  No matter your relationship status it crosses your mind almost involuntarily, and especially when that proposal comes the real dreaming begins.

But so many times all I hear from brides is “I found this on Pinterest, I want to do this from Pinterest, Did you see on Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.”

What is Pinterest? A collection of ideas. And there are SO MANY ideas that it is easy to get lost or overwhelmed when using it as a tool to plan the details of your wedding.  So again I ask:

Q: Where have all the dreamers gone?

What details and dresses and locations were you dreaming about before Pinterest consumed your planning?  Its a great tool, don’t misunderstand me, a great to get an idea.  And a great tool to visualize how to combine two of your own ideas.   Don’t let your wedding look like a page of wedding pins. Stick to what your dream is and make all the details of your day pin worthy.

A: We are right here.









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