Pat on the Back

As I hope you’ve noticed my extended hiatus, I have happily returned to you with news of missing you and the Tampa Bay Area wedding world dearly.

This weekend at the Tampa Garden Club the weather was absolutely perfect for an Tampa Bay outdoor wedding ceremony.  I believe we have oh-fish-all-ee left the ‘it could rain at any moment’ season and made a smooth landing into the ‘feel that amazing breeze’.

My first task for the  day was outside décor, specifically the  arch.


I’ve decorated many an arch for Tampa Bay Area ceremonies and as a personal opinion I’m just not a fan of them.  I recently saw a photo of a ceremony and instead of an arch the couple wed in front of a large over sized looking book case loaded with votive candles. Gorgeous. But don’t take my idea, I’m using that for my day. Per usual, Tammy showed me the supplies, gave me a basic idea of the expectations, and said “have. at. it.” Which let me just say that it’s very refreshing to have a boss that does not micro-manage.  I know very few friends that can genuinely say the words “like,” ” boss”, and “my” in the same sentence.  So I’m lifting fabric, moving it here, pinning this way and that and the creative juice takes my fingers.

I love the way this arch came out for Erica’s Tampa Bay area Wedding. Love it!  Its so simple but pretty.  And the florist ( Iza’s Flowers ) added red roses and just added the perfect touch.

20141004_144207 20141004_144217

And sometimes on the job, its highly recommended, even for the little things when you, the boss, and the consumer are happy with a final product to do a little dance and pat yourself on the back.



BOY: Is your name Google?

GIRL: No. Why?

BOY: Because I can find everything I want, in you…..  <3




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