Our Moment

I love this picture.


The bride and groom standing  with all eyes on them as they exchange vows.  It’s such a beautiful moment. Is there anything else you notice about this picture? Look at the bridal party and how small it is, one person the Maid of Honor.  I have seen the huge parties of almost 20 people and have been in a party of 14 girls and 7 boys.  If and when my dear sweet boyfriend drops on bended knee (no pressure honey) I’ll probably go the one bridesmaid route, which will be my sister, my best friend. I have heard numerous friends and clients saying they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so they added people to the party as to not leave anyone out.  That is understandable especially if you are the girl that has been in all of your friend’s wedding, or your groom has a lot of sisters, or like the 14 girls that I was a part of each girl was with you during a significant part of your life.

It is so very interesting how the  purpose of a bridesmaid has evolved the tradition.  In the research that I have done while being a coordinator, the original reason for a bridesmaid was for the bride’s protection.  They would dress similar to the bride to confuse any bad people or demons that meant the bride harm. I guarantee when you called each girl to ask them to be in your wedding it wasn’t because you were loading an arsenal in preparation for the gang of demons that might be coming.



Either way, like I said, I love this picture I love this moment.



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