New Blog Format- Wedding Professional Wednesday

We have decided to update the format of our blog…. There are so many great design blogs out there to give you inspiration and planning advice……

We are converting the Blog to a Monday thru Friday Blog… Each Day of the week will have a topic/theme and it is designed to have you the viewers be able to post things related to that day of the week…….

Wednesday will be fondly known as Wedding Professional Wednesday from now on…….

Wedding Professional Wednesday, its pretty self explanatory, but our goal on this day is to introduce a company that you may not have heard of, or even to just help promote their company. No, these companies have not paid us, or put a gun to our head, they are just being spotlighted for being pretty darn cool. =) These companies will range from people we haven’t worked with yet, to some we have worked with hundreds of times. Either way, this should be fun for everyone. If you decide to book them for your event, just make sure you say Special Moments sent you! =)

Our 1st Wedding Professional of 2010 is….(drumroll please) IZA’S FLOWERS!

This florist shop is probably the most “homiest” place I have ever been to. Not only does she do amazing work, she can win anyone over with her personality! It’s a family run company, just like us, and its only about a block away from our office. Izabella will go above and beyond what she was contracted to do, she brought us a small beach wedding flower order, out to Treasure Island, on a Sunday, and still had a smile on! That’s true talent. =]

I could ramble on and on, but I will let her work speak for itself.

You can reach Iza at 727-525-8024 or

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