Laugh Instead

The year is almost over, well may be not but time has flown since January 1st and my family is already talking about Thanksgiving plans, and Special Moments already has several weddings in the works through the end of next year.  With all that going on, I was doing a bit of reflecting this morning and thought, you know what, its time for a COUNTDOWN!!! Since January there have been some heart stopping, crawl into a corner, cringe worthy moments where you want to cry but have to laugh instead.

5. Moist Cake

This cake had a fountain right in the middle of it and the water splashed over so much that it flooded the surrounding cake.

20140427_210117 20140427_210135

4. Wedding crashers pt.1

From my first wedding, while the drapes were being hung from the ceiling a tool fell and shattered the centerpiece. Literally in pieces we some how put it back together and once the reception started none of the guests at the table noticed.


3. No time to take off your pants. Rip ’em off!

Only 15 minutes or less before the ceremony we get word that one of the groomsmen split his pants.  Thanks Mom for teaching me to sew at a young age.  Add speed tailor to the assume.


2. Wedding crashers pt.2

During intros one bridesmaid and groomsmen couple were throwing out rolled up shirts into the crowd.  Well one shirt was hurled at a table full of grandparents and NO ONE reached to catch the shirt.  So who caught the shirt?  The tall centerpiece vase filed with water.  One lady caught the worst of it and her entire outfit and chair were soaked.


1. Who has the rings?

Usually you hear about it in a romantic comedy, but comedy usually stems from reality.  The bride’s ring fell out of the officiant’s pocket and we couldn’t find it. Right, and I mean right before the bride comes down the aisle one of the bartenders found it and gave it to the officiant and the ceremony was fantastic.


The great part of this job is seeing the bride happy and knowing that the day was a success, but I really love the behind the scenes action, the stuff you can’t plan for but none the less make it through.    Every wedding has been a true learning experience with its amazing ups and laugh worthy downs.  I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring.


If you haven’t you should. These things are fun and fun is good.

-Dr. Seuss





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