Jordan Almond Favors For Your Wedding

Sweet Wedding Favors

Sweet Wedding Favors

Jordan almonds are a long-standing wedding tradition that has been around for more than 3,000 years. In France and the Middle east, they are called dragees. In Greece they are Koufeta. Whatever name you call them, these candy-coated almonds offer the same symbolism. The almond itself is bittersweet in taste. This represents both the good and bad in marriage and life. It is no secret that any long lasting relationship surely has both bitter and sweet moments.

To emphasize the good times, and sweetness in the new marriage, these almonds are coated in sugar or candy coating. You can find these coated almonds in a variety of colors to match your wedding theme. However, the most traditional color is still white. This symbolizes purity. The actual shape of the almond is thought to symbolize love.

If you select Jordan almonds for your wedding favor, there is one more detail you should attend to. These treats are traditionally distributed to the guests in odd numbers. This represents the union of the bride and groom. By giving guests an indivisible number of almonds, your favors are demonstrating the fact that you as a new couple are also indivisible. In the Middle East, the number of almonds is even more precise. This tradition dictates that your guests each receive five, to represent five blessings – health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.

Today you can present this classic wedding favor in a very decorative and modern way. The almonds can be wrapped in tulle, satin, or a small bag tied with colorful ribbons. You can order your Jordan almond favors fully assembled or your can make them yourself.  Watch the video below to see on how easy it is to make them.



For written instructions and/or ordering the supplies or ready-made Jordan almonds favor, go to this website:

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