Hot New Product for Tent Receptions

The hottest thing to hit tent design in…like forever…just hit the scene.  Printed velon ceilings & walls are available from Velon Designs.

What is velon?
Velon is vinyl fabric that is made of recycled plastics.

Is Printed Velon™ recyclable?
Velon is 100% recyclable. Take it to any recycling facility that recycles plastic.

How wide and long is a roll of Printed Velon™?
Rolls of Printed Velon™ are 125 yards long and 54 inches wide.

How heavy is a roll of Printed Velon™?
Each roll weighs approximately 50 lbs.

What colors does unPrinted Velon™ come in?
Velon comes in 33 colors. Create custom velon colors for orders of 10,000 yards or more. Once we receive your color approval custom velon colors take approximately 6 weeks to produce.

What is the difference between Stock Designs, Library Designs, and Custom Designs?
Stock Designs are pre-printed and are ready to ship from our warehouse directly to you.
Library Designs are in the Velon archive catalog with screens available for printing upon request.
Custom designs require new screens be created from new artwork for printing.

Why Printed Velon™ instead of traditional fabric?
Well, most high end fabrics are usually very expensive to start with. A high end pattern could cost as much as $10 to $15 dollars per yard, or more. Then you would have to spend another $5 to $7 a yard to have it flame proofed rising the per yard cost to almost $20.00. Yes, you can buy fabric that is already flame proofed, but you are limited to chiffons and very basic colors. With Printed Velon™ you can have the high end designer fabric look for 1/5 the cost of actual fabric.

Is Printed Velon™ flame resistant?
Yes it is. Velon meets strict fire safety codes and has a flame retardant rating of NFPA 702 Class1.

Is it waterproof?
Yes, velon is waterproof. The print will not bleed in damp weather or if it gets wet.

Can I wash it?
Yes, you can wash Printed Velon™ with soap and warm water.

Is it re-useable?
Velon is so affordable you can easily re-print, but you can also store and re-use velon.

What color inks can I select from to print my design?
The ink color can be any pantone color. We are able to match any color for the printing. That is what makes this process so wonderful. Find a design you like, tell us the color you want – it is that simple.

Can I get unPrinted Velon™?
Yes, we also sell un-Printed Velon™. We request unprinted orders be a minimum of one roll for $166.25

What can I do with it?
You can do just about anything with Printed Velon™, use it to line the inside of tents, wrap tent poles, cover trashcans, even cover a fence or other unsightly venue features. Use it as draping in trade shows. It’s great to cover bars, buffets and captain stations etc.

How do I install Velon?
Install velon the exact same way you would install fabric – staple, sew, pin, tape, or tie.

How do I determine how much Printed Velon™ to order?
That depends on what you will be doing with Printed Velon™. If you will be lining a tent, we can help you figure the amount needed. Just give us a call.

How soon can I get the product once I place my order?
Stock Designs 3-5 days
Library Designs 3 weeks
Custom Designs 4 weeks from the approval date of the artwork

What is the minimum order?
Minimum varies by type. Stock Design minimum order required is one roll. Library and Custom Designs have a minimum of five rolls.

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