Good Martini, Bad Martini

When we arrive to a venue in the Tampa bay area to start a wedding day, there are two pet peeves that are, well, my pet peeves. Guests wearing jeans and bad martinis. Understand that my mention of a “martini” in this instance has nothing to do with a beverage, it is a décor style of a high top cocktail table.  You place a linen on a table and then tightly wrap a sash around the table pole and the table looks like a martini glass.  And just like anything else, there is a “good” way to do a martini, and a “what is this?” way to do a martini, also known as bad.

A quick, yet efficient way to determine a good martini.  All Yeses mean good:

Step 1: Does the table remind you of a martini glass?

Answer: yes

Step 2: Are the table legs covered by the linen?

Answer: yes

Step 3: Is the sash around the stand tied in a clean and tight manner?

Answer: yes


Take a look at some of these high top cocktail tables using the checklist and lets see if you have what it takes to become a part of the Martini Police:


20150315_184324  20150328_122754

20150328_122449 20150404_195759



Happy Easter!!




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