Flying Solo

Yesterday was my first ST. Petersburg, Florida wedding without Tammy, and I survived!  By no means will I or can I take all the credit, because I had the wonderful Melissa at my side. (Thank you Melissa for all your help and coordinating expertise!) None the less, the day was wonderful even with all of it’s heat, hiccups, and happenstance.


The friends and family of Jessica and Jonathan gave their blessings for the nuptial at the St. Pete Women’s Club. If you have followed my blogs then you know of my first experience at the Women’s Club ( CLICK ON THE WORDS IF YOU MISSED IT); shattering glass and busted center pieces.  But I am overly happy to report that no glass shattered, no center pieces were harmed, and my sanity stayed in tact for the event’s duration.


I was nervous and excited and hot (because its summer in Florida) and all the things you feel when people are depending on you.


So let me start the thank you list

Cheers to the couple and their wedding bliss.


Rip and run as the day flies,

Nature Coast Lights and MMMM, great food with Ken, catering by Chives.

Can’t be in two places at once,

What to do?

Call Melissa and add her to the crew.

Flower Power

The Center pieces Sparkle and Shine,

Natalie the florist I don’t know what else here will rhyme.

The day before,

need to organize and prep


My boyfriend helped me make all the puzzle pieces fit

Such a sweet guy dealing with all my wedding…



Happy 4th of July weekend America and Congrats Jonathan and Jessica!


xoxo Krystal

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