Cocktail Party

Last night, Tammy and I attended a Cocktail Party hosted by Kapok Special Events (pronounced  Kay-Pock. The name reminded me of the character Spock from Star Trek.)  This event hall, once a huge restaurant, is nothing short of gorgeous even in the rain.
20140226_185400   20140226_192558
As this is the start of wedding season, Tammy tells me these parties are about networking.  With my background in freelance television work, half the job was networking.  While in school they drilled in your head, networknetworknetwork. But nobody ever really tells you what networking is, or better yet how to do it.  Networking is: meeting/collaborating with people in your common field to further your business ventures.  How you do it: being memorable.  Your face. Your name. Your work.  I remember something positive or negative about every person Tammy introduced me to, like Diana had a great laugh, she has a Gourmet Espresso, Latte & Cappuccino Bar.  Corey Miller, Bakery & Catering, made me feel like we were old friends.  His quote of the night about my blogs was, “Girl.  Keep it 100.”  Translation: “Tell them how it really is.”
And  the most memorable of them all was a woman that tripped up the grand Titanic  looking staircase, and like a pro not a drop of her drink was spilled.  Now I have to protect the innocent so I can’t reveal her name (Ring around the “Rosie”) nor should I  share her family business (rhymes with showers.  Her parents really set her up for life).  I don’t think she meant to trip for networking purposes, but none the less it worked because I remembered her, and all the work she talked about.
20140226_193549           20140226_193531
Shame on me for taking a picture, I did make sure she was fine and she had no problem with me mentioning it, but whenever something happens at an event people are always like, “oh my gosh. Did you see that?” Well. Yea. I did. And now so have you.
Allow me to reach for my botanist hat while I explain that the unique name of this Event Center is after the large Kapok tree that sits outside of its floor to two story ceiling glass windows.
Having gone through renovations and new owners, any bride-to-be without a venue should go check this place out.  With four rooms, enough space is  provided to hold the ceremony, cocktail hour, photos, and reception within feet of each other.
As the event came to a close,
I grabbed one more tasty appetizer and we ended the night with a toast,
 “May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been,
The foresight to know where you are going,
And the insight to know when you have gone too far.”
Until the next time,
xoxo Krystal

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