Last week, we talked about some of the pitfalls couples encounter when planning a Jewish wedding. This week we continue with some excellent tips you might not have thought about.

One thing that is often missed is that different families and different generations might not have the same expectations.

A young couple getting married might not care about using a family heirloom Kiddush cup for part of the ceremony or a deceased relatives tallis as a covering for their chuppah. Still, it might be an essential piece of family history for a parent or grandparent.

Another detail often overlooked is the wine used for the wedding ceremony. Kosher wine is essential to the officiant; however, choosing a white Kosher wine for a wedding ceremony so that it won’t stain the bride’s gown might not be.


Yarmulke, Yarmulkes, Yarmulka, Yarmulkas Kippah, Kipot, Kipah, Kippot, or Skullcap 

Regardless of how you say it, it’s all the same. This head covering for men is an essential part of a wedding ceremony. While some older men travel with their own, this is not always the case, and it can be an excellent personalized detail for your wedding ceremony as they can be stamped with your names and wedding date.

We suggest ordering one per guest as some women may choose to wear one, but most often, guests will take them as a favor from the wedding. Companies like offer a wide variety of materials and colors.

Another often forgotten item is the Ketubah. This Jewish legal document is an integral part of most Jewish wedding ceremonies and can be a beautiful piece of artwork to be displayed in the couple’s home. Companies like offer a wide variety of styles and price points.

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*Crazy Planning Tip – a ketubah may need to be mounted to something to be able to display it during your wedding ceremony. Be sure not to frame it before the wedding as you’ll need to be able to have it signed during the wedding.

Other important details to remember for your ceremony:

  • Think about whether you’ll need a microphone for your family and friend reading the 7 Blessings.
  • Consider a glass piece for breaking that can be made into a piece of artwork after the wedding.
  • A program that outlines the major elements of a Jewish ceremony is a nice touch for non-Jewish friends who might be attending your wedding.

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For your wedding reception, ask if someone from your family is doing a HaMotzi (blessing of the bread) and Kiddush (blessing of the wine). While wine is easy to find last minute, very few venues or caterers keep Challah bread on hand.

And our last tip, whenever possible, ask your venue for a chair with arms for the Hora. Too many times, someone will slide out of the chair with nothing to hold on to. And NEVER use a folding chair!

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The best wedding planning tip would be to engage a professional wedding planner who is accustomed to Jewish wedding traditions and can also refer you to wedding professionals who know the ins and outs of a Jewish wedding.

Call our Special Moments Event Planning team today at 727-343-0800 to talk about your wedding and how we can assist you and your family.

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