A Wedding Needs a Planner Like Water Needs Wet

PART 1 of my weekend I attended my first wedding as a guest since joining Tammy’s team.  The wedding was simple and short,  a guest’s dream.  But they didn’t have a wedding planner and it was obvious.  Not only did my trained eyes notice, but my boyfriend who I thought never listened to me, even started saying things like, “Why are they doing that, you said last week they were supposed to do this?”, and “There’s no parking here, nobody thought of that?”, then my favorite, “The wedding was supposed to start 10 minutes ago, maybe you should go back there and see if they need help.”

(I haven’t be able to dress up for a wedding in a long time so I was very excited to put on a cute dress.)


There’s the common misconception for brides-to-be that a planner is too expensive, and out of their budget, but that’s just not the case. And you don’t want Mom or sister or some other miscellaneous family member running around at your wedding making sure everything is in order, family is there to celebrate and support not dress up only to do labor.  Let the hired help, aka the wedding planner, provide the organization so that guests aren’t wondering what the heck is going on.  If you are looking, I know the perfect planner to recommend, wink wink.


PART 2 included consultations and food tasting.  Our May bride and her mother met up with us to finalize a few details–chevron patterns, nautical themes, beach location. Can’t give up too much info!


We got through lots of paper work and notes to move on to all the goodies Ken from Chives Catering brought.


So I took this picture late because I was a little busy tasting, but an empty plate is a happy plate and Chives Catering always delivers flavor and quality.  Do you remember the little taco bites that were perfectly seated in lime placeholders from my first blog about Stephanie and Matthew?  Well Ken said he can’t get away from those, everybody wants them.  I say, serves you right Ken. How dare you create delicious tacos, THEN make them cute on top of that!

Until the next time, I leave you with the QUOTE OF THE WEEK:

“Marriage is a workshop….where Husband Works & Wife shops.”

xoxo Krystal


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