Party Hard

Recent we had a wedding at the Mirror Lake Lyceum and it was beautiful,  Simply Savy . In this post I was going to discuss some of the history of the lyceum and how the vintage aspects catered to the wedding details but who cares about any of that now!  One groomsmen split his pants   15 minutes before the wedding and that’s where the juice is folks.  The photographer passed us and said,  a groomsmen split his pants.  Without missing a beat Tammy hands over a sewing kit, take care of it. And I’m like,  wait a second,  she didn’t even move where did she just get this kit; and wait 2 seconds,  what if I couldn’t sew.  My only conclusion,  she’s magic and has lots of faith in me.  Shout out to my mom for teaching me how to sew at a young age.20140510_163335

I go up stairs and the damage is catastrophically amusing.


We need to go somewhere and get those pants off. Out of all the weddings I’ve been to as a guest or employer,  I have never said that.
We find a secluded corner in the back of the building by the creeky, straight out a horror movie, elevator.  Drop the pants.  He handed them over, I’m not sure how I’m going to explain this to my girlfriend.  I looked up, You? what about my boyfriend?  I’m in a back corner with a guy who has on no pants and my hands are in his pants.

20140510_165414  20140510_165421

Tammy comes upstairs to check on us, because you know, there’s a wedding moments away and all. I finish up in might I say, record timing for being put under pressure.


During the ceremony the entire bridal party had to turn around, but the backsides were still looking good. See you couldn’t even tell.


The next big excitement came along during introductions. Each bridal party couple came out doing their own thing, one couple did the wheel barrow.  But another couple turned the party up by throwing rolled up shirts football game style that said “We love open bar”.  It was the coolest thing because everyone loves free shirts and everybody loves open bar. But. But. smh but.  I was standing in the back of the room and saw the worst playing out in slow motion, that-can’t-do-anything-about-it-but-make-the-ugly-face-slow-motion.  In front of me was a table full of older couples, and while everyone else around the place was reaching to catch the shirts, when one was rocketing over to the designated senior table no one lifted an finger and BAM!  like a target the rolled up shirt took out the entire center piece and one poor woman got soaked by all the water in the flower vase.  She was a great sport about it too.  It’s only water. 

This whole night was one big party, and my bottoms out groomsmen warned me that my seamstress job wasn’t going to hold all night against all the partying. He wasn’t joking.


Check out the other groomsmen  with the jeans on because his pants were in shreds.

20140510_223159   20140510_223203

Until the next time,

May your wedding be so much fun that guests get soaked “Flashdance” Style, and they party so hard their pants fall off.


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