7 Tips for Including Children and Animals in Your Wedding

Children and Animals are frequently included in our couples’ weddings. It’s something our Special Moments Event Planning team loves to see. It can personalize your wedding and allows you to include family.

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If you follow our Instagram and Facebook you’ll know how much we love seeing Children and Dogs included in a couple’s wedding!


“Never Work With Children Or Animals”

This is the famous quote from old-time actor and comedian W.C. Fields. However, people rarely talk about the fact that it referred to them sealing the scene on a film set.

vintage black and white photograph of W.C. Fields

And, that might be the most important thing to know before making the decision to include them on your wedding day. They will usually steal the show!


Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.

We all know that stuff will happen on your wedding day. Fortunately, most of the issues with children and animals are exactly that – the small stuff.


#1 – It’s Only A Photo Op

Keep in mind that including children and animals is a photo op. Nothing more! You’re going to get cute pictures and fun memories for when they (and you) are older. Please don’t put any more weight on the moment than it being a cute photo.

#2 -Keep It Brief

When including animals on your wedding day, keep the time short. Usually, we are talking about dogs. And, your wedding day has a lot of new people, smells and places. So, limit the time that they are included in your wedding. Having them around for a few photos away from crowds and a walk down the aisle will be the best option for everyone.


#3 – Hire a Sitter!!!

Whether we are talking about kids or dogs, excellent sitters can manage them before, during, and after the wedding ceremony.

For pets, they can pick them up at home or your hotel and bring them over for some photos. They can handle caring for them, getting them some water, and getting them to the person walking them down the aisle. After that, they can get them quietly out of the picture and back to the comfort of their own space.

For children, it’s usually most important to have a sitter for later in the evening when parents want to kick back and have fun at the reception. A wedding can be a long day for kids, and you want a space for them with kid-friendly food and activities, away from the loud music and commotion.

Our Special Moments Event Planning team works with some incredible sitters for both children and pets. So be sure to ask so we can plan accordingly because they can book up quickly.


#4 – Pick A Good Partner

Typically, dogs are walked down the aisle with someone in the wedding party. Someone they already know can limit the stress on the fur-baby and you. And how cute is this wagon that got these two cuties down the aisle?

With children, there are a lot more variables depending on age. If you have very young children in your wedding party, walking holding the hand of a parent or sibling in the wedding party works well.

Even with slightly older children, walking as a group takes a lot of the pressure off of the kids. They can hold hands and follow the older kids, who can bring them along if necessary. P.S., the wagon works well for toddlers too!



#5 – We’re Not Above Bribery

We absolutely suggest that a family member sit on the aisle in the second or third row with a favorite toy or treat. Seeing a friendly face or favorite toy does wonders for getting them down the aisle.


#6 – See Rule #1

If you’ve ever watched a royal wedding, no doubt you’ve seen an entourage of children walking the aisle ahead of the bride. Keep in mind that these are exceptionally well-behaved children of royal upbringing who are somewhat used to pomp and circumstances.

In reality, that vision is RARELY the case! You will no doubt have little ones stopping in the middle of the aisle, picking up petals, or running back to where they started. So, keep in mind it’s only a photo op, not the demise of your wedding day!

However, if you have little ones who might be easily distracted, we have one foolproof recommendation.



Move the children from just before the bride to in front of the Honor Attendant. When they are last in line in front of the bride (okay, or groom), you are now held hostage, waiting for them to decide to move or for someone to move them along.

By placing them in. front of the Honor Attendant, you can seamlessly move things along – essentially batting cleanup. Keep going as planned, with the Honor attendant moving them down the aisle.

By following a few tips and maybe changing your mindset a bit, you can easily include children and animals on your wedding day without having them steal the scene.


*cover image of ring bearer by Jonathan Fanning Studio and Gallery

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