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How To : Write a Thank You Note

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thank-you-note-imageIt’s good to give thanks. In wedding world, it’s especially good to give thanks in the form of a thank you note. What you should not do:

Send out mass thank you notes looking something like this:
“Thanks for coming to our wedding and for your generous gift. Love, Sally & Ed”
The only thing worse is not sending one at all (although if you send something like this, you’re not really accomplishing much).

Wait a year to send them out. People will wonder if you ever actually got the gift or if you got them and are just a particularly rude or forgetful couple. Your best bet is to get them out of the way as soon as possible! You can do it!

Think a verbal thank you is enough. For some people, saying thanks verbally is more than enough. But still, it is a nice gesture to send it in writing. It shows that you put some thought into it and took a little time to put it on paper.

With the should-nots out of the way, here are a few tips to make your TY note writing go a bit more smoothly.

1. Address the individual(s) the note is to
3. Mention the specific gift
4. Say why you love/like it and what you’ll use it for
5. Add any additional note or thanks you’d like to include
6. Close and sign your names

An example:

(1)Dear Hannah and Ryan,

(2)Thank you so much for the (3) Vera Wang wine glasses! We were so excited to receive them – we can’t wait to (4) use them at our first dinner party.

(5)Thank you also for coming from Chicago to share our special day with us. It was so great to see you again. We hope you had a wonderful time!

(6)Best wishes,
Katie and Connor


Above are some of our favorite Thank you cards for beach weddings. You can view these at www.mypersonalartist.com

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Michelle MospensApril 22, 2009 at 5:28 pmReply

Thank you kindly for mentioning my thank you cards.

Michelle Mospens