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Beach Frost Couture Flip Flops

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We had a Bride back in April that designed these amazing flip flops for all of her Bridesmaids as well as for herself. She was having a beach wedding and was looking for something to match her theme and style. She also designed extra flip flops for the guests to use if necessary for their excursion on the beach to witness the ceremony.

She contacted us recently and has started her own company designing these flip flops for other brides and their attendants. They are definetly a unique item . We have included pictures below along with the contact information and pricing for all Brides out there that desire a unique gift for their bridesmaids when they are having a beach wedding.

Of course, by now you know ,we at Special Moments LOVE BEACH WEDDINGS!!!


Beach Frost Couture Flip Flops

They are pure leather flip flops, for optimum comfort, and they are dazzled with genuine Swarovski Crystals. They can customize the flops to fit the style and color scheme of their special day. The adult size wedge flip flops are available in black, white, brown, turquoise, navy blue, green, orange, red, pink, and Hot Pink. Adult and children’s flat flip flops are available in black, white, brown, turquoise, navy blue, green, orange, red, and pink. My recommendation is to stick with a neutral color flip flop like brown, and use the color of the ribbon to match the dress (except the bride, I would use white flip flops for her). Plain solid color ribbon is available in every color.  I would be happy to meet with clients to help custom design the flip flops to coordinate with their wedding.

They can email me at:

Beach Frost Couture Flip Flops


Flat Flip Flops = $20.00
Wedge Flip Flops= $25.00
Bride’s Flip Flops = $30.00 (These are a little higher priced because I use extra Swarovski Crystals on the Bride’s flip flops. If they don’t want extra crystals, then the price would go back down.)

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