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Time Bombs

I escorted the bride and her father from the bridal suite to the elevator.  Once the doors reopened we made our way to the hotel lobby where the florist pinned the boutonniere on the father.  I radioed over to Tammy, who is at the ceremony site, “Package ready for delivery”.  Radio static followed by, “Deliver…

Pinterest, oh Pinterest

Q: What is Pinterest? A: visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects and interests. Q: What are Pins? A:  little bookmarks. Whenever you find something on the web that you want to keep, add it to Pinterest. An addiction is what it is. You could spend hours and hours…

Glamorous Country Club Celebration

Glamorous Country Club Celebration

Candi and Nick were married in a glamorous Fairy Tale Celebration at Pasadena Yacht and Country Club in September. We are thrilled to share that their Fairy Tale wedding has been featured on Style Me Pretty! Click on the photo below to learn about Candi and Nick’s Special Day!

Cosmic Couple Ties the Knot Dr Who Style

Cosmic Couple Ties the Knot Dr Who Style

Thrilled to share that our Cosmic Couple Kelli and Brendan .. who Krystal Blogged about after their wedding #2.  Cosmic Paradise - (click on the link to read about Krystal’s experience ) has been featured on the blog that inspired us for this wedding to start with!  When Geeks Wed..Click either the photo above or the link…

Don’t Make These Mistakes

Everything is a learning experience; the depth of the curve just adjusts at different intervals of a situation.  But the learning never ceases because there will always be something else, something new, and something to conquer.  Since I have been on this wedding planner journey, in learning how to guide you there are so many things that…