When Wedding Planning Gets Meshuggah

After chatting recently with several young newly engaged Jewish couples, we thought it appropriate to write a blog series with a few things to think about.

We are finding that younger couples planning a wedding might not think about some things that their parents or older relatives might hold important.


It’s A Family Affair

 In many cases, with Jewish weddings, it is still very traditional for both families to contribute to the wedding. Having a discussion very early in the planning process to see who might be contributing, how much, and to what part can help eliminate a lot hurt feelings.

If you are considering a unique, out of the box wedding invitation or working with a designer who is not familiar with an invitation for a Jewish wedding, you may need to remember to include both sets of parents on the wedding invitation. Possibly more if there are situations of divorce with either of the couple’s parents.


What Time Is It?

When you get married, especially in Florida during Daylight Savings Time ( which might soon be all the time) the sun typically doesn’t set until after 7:30. If your Rabbi, even the most Reformed Rabbis, stick to the letter of the law regarding the time to start your wedding; you might be eating dinner at 10:30 at night.

So, before booking a wedding date, be sure to know how late the sun sets and what your Rabbi has to say about starting times.


*Crazy Planning Tip – if you are working with a very Reformed Rabbi or possibly a Cantor; technically the appropriate start time for a wedding is based on the time of the ‘official marriage’ or the ketubah signing. It is not completely unheard of to host a pre-ceremony reception followed by the ceremony and then starting the wedding reception.  After the introductions, hora and first course the couple can step out to sign the ketubah after the official sunset time required by Jewish law.

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Merry Christmas!

Seriously, a lot of couples getting married in areas that are not predominantly Jewish might not think to ask about Christmas decorations when planning a wedding. Many hotels and venues will start decorating for Christmas parties as early as the day after Thanksgiving. In some cases, it might be something as subtle as a lot of twinkle lights and some greenery, but in other cases, it might be multiple decorated Christmas trees throughout the venue or even a life-sized nativity.

In many cases, venues are not willing or will charge a considerable amount to remove and reinstall holiday decorations.

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Engaging a wedding planner who is very familiar with Jewish weddings and traditions early in your planning process can help eliminate a lot of costly mistakes and drama.

Call our Special Moments Event Planning team today at 727-343-0800 talk about your wedding and how we can help you eliminate a lot of issues.

More tips on planning a Jewish wedding to follow.


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