Don’t Let Pirates Steal Your Sunshine

bride and groom kissing on Clearwater Beach as a Pirate ship passes by

For our Special Moments Event Planning team, a big part of wedding planning is making sure there is a great “Plan B.” The weather here along the Gulf Coast can be unpredictable, especially early evening about ceremony time. Another big part of the planning is ensuring that your couple is okay with whatever spaces are…

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The Temptations

I wish it would rain, it sounds strange to hear this from a dream maker at Special Moments, but I have to confess – The Temptations is one of my favorite music groups. I know corky, but that’s me 🙂 .   As a dream maker I actually don’t wish it would rain, but we…

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Plan B, always a Necessity

Soon after moving down here I learned two things, and I learned them real fast (1) it’s always hot (2) summer means rain. The summer months are not so busy with Tampa weddings and planning but by no means does the business stop, so I’ve incorporated these two factors into every situation.  Brides, especially from…

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