How to set a Formal Table

Ever wondered how to set-up a formal table or want to have a dinner party and not sure where everything goes on the table or the proper angle, distance for the knife, fork etc…? We have included below a step by step way to set a formal table setting from the charger to the dessert silverware.

Happy Tablesetting!

                                                                         Formal Table Setup

1.      Place decoration plate at intended seating location on the table one inch from edge of the table.

2.      Place soup bowl in the center of the decoration plate.

3.      Place the dinner knife one inch to the right of the decoration plate with blade facing the left.

4.      Place seafood knife one-half inch to the right of the dinner knife with blade facing the left.

5.      Place soup spoon one-half inch to the right of the seafood knife.

6.      Place the meat and salad fork one inch to the left of the decoration plate.

7.      Place seafood fork one-half inch to the left of the meat and salad fork.

8.      Place dessert fork one inch above the decoration plate with tines pointing to the right.

9.      Place dessert spoon one-half inch above the dessert fork with the bowl pointing to the left.

10.  Place the white wine glass one inch above the knives five inches to the right of the dessert fork.

11.  Place the red wine glass one-half inch above and to the right of the white wine glass.

12.  Place the water glass one inch above the red wine glass.

13.  Place the champagne glass one-half inch to the left of the red wine and water glasses.

14.  Place the bread-and-butter plate to the left of the dessert silverware and above the meal forks, one inch away from the decoration plate.

15.  Repeat steps 1-14 for each guest attending.

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