Wedding Professional Wednesday

Wedding Professional Wednesday, its pretty self explanatory, but our goal on this day is to introduce a company that you may not have heard of, or even to just help promote their company. No, these companies have not paid us, or put a gun to our head, they are just being spotlighted for being pretty darn cool. =) These companies will range from people we haven’t worked with yet, to some we have worked with hundreds of times. Either way, this should be fun for everyone. If you decide to book them for your event, just make sure you say Special Moments sent you! =) 

Our 2nd Wedding Professional of 2010 is….(drumroll please) Beautiful Wedding Photography! 
Marley Lindley is the Gal behind the camera… ( In fact, I have no photo to share of her, since she is always behind the camera) Instead of a long winded novel of us talking about her……I asked her some questions about her and her company so you can get to know the Gal behind the camera…Enjoy! 

What year did you start your company? Beautiful Wedding photography was started in 2003. 
What lead you to choose photography?Well, my mother was a fine artist, and she loved taking pictures, so I guess I got it from her. I love to be able to capture what I see and preserve it and share the moment with people. Life happens so fast and you can’t get those moments back.  
Do you have any awards or certifications to share?Well, I am a professional certified wedding photographer by Professional Photographers of America.  I also am the Portrait Photographer for the Tampa Brides Against Breast Cancer Gown Sale.. ( I donate my time to offer complimentary portraits of the Brides in their newly purchased gowns)
 What school did you graduate from? I graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in 1994

What is your favorite food? My favorite food depends on what day it is, seafood, Chinese, sushi and Italian.

Favorite color? My favorite color again changes with the seasons, right now I am big into chocolate browns and tiffany blue or sage green.
Favorite movie? Not a big movie person, but I did enjoy the book Marley and Me.
Favorite song? It had to be you by Frank Sinatra, ok I admit it I am an old soul, I enjoy the classics.


Hobbies? I dabble in stain glass, painting pottery, working on preserving my old home (1924) 

 Below are some favorite photos of Marley’s Work…. Enjoy:


If you are intersted in contacting Marley, the information is below:

Marley Lindley- Beautiful Wedding Photography– 727-447-3594




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