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The best part of our job is the great couples and their families we meet and get to know… Here is some of our favorite Testimonials we’ve received from our couples over the years!

Tammy Waterman was the most amazing wedding planner! We cannot express how grateful we are to have had Tammy’s help. She was so friendly, professional, creative, organized, and thorough! We had a destination wedding and Tammy not only listened to our vision, she also helped us find our venue, motivated us and kept us on track. She was able to help us problem solve and create the wedding of our dreams! Every suggestion of various vendors was right on point and was exactly what we were looking for! She was definitely one of the best decisions we have ever made. Our actual wedding day was flawless; Tammy and her staff ensured that everything ran smoothly the entire time. We really truly feel that Tammy is the BEST wedding planner! We will not do another party without her. She really made all of our dreams for our wedding come true and was careful to stay within our budget!

Rachel and Zach-

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Photo credit: Kristina Houser Photography

Photo credit:
Kristina Houser Photography


The best wedding decision I made was hiring Tammy. She is an amazing person. Her hard work from day one helped me in so many ways. She truly has a passion for job. If you are thinking about a wedding planner, you found your girl! Tammy is a 10/10. Thank you so much for all your help and your support during my planning. I thank you for everything you did! You were awesome!!!!!

    Tracey and John

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Photo credit: Limelight Photography

Photo credit:
Limelight Photography


Tammy and Special Moments are wonderful! They really go above and beyond the call of duty and assist to see your vision and make it come to life. We could not have expected the wedding and reception to turn out as good as it did or go as smoothly as it went. Tammy and staff have keen attention to detail and are incredible organized. We decided to purchase one of their top packages which allowed us to reach out to Tammy during the planning process. I would highly recommend this! There are so many venders to choose from it really helps to have someone point you in the right direction and reach out to them on your behalf. Venders we used had all worked together before so it made our wedding come together seamlessly. The day before and day of planning assistance is really when you need it most. They coordinate all the moving elements to your day from the rehearsal, to the ceremony, to the progression of cocktail hour/reception, and schedule where everyone needs to be any given time so you don’t have to! And you really need this because the only thing the bride or groom should be responsible for the day of the wedding is themselves, haha. I would highly recommend this group. Tammy is a top tier planner and you will not be disappointed when hiring her services.


photo credit Jessie O photography


Where to start when trying to, in a few words, describe the MOUNTAINS of help, assistance, organization, ideas, and savings that Tammy/Special Moments provided. My venue (The Don Vicente in Ybor) required that I hire a planner– something I hadn’t planned on doing or needing. The Don recommended Tammy, and before deciding on Tammy myself I went home and read all of her reviews- after the first couple I was sold, but read on and they were ALL stellar. I now, myself, have lived through working with Tammy over the course of my own wedding and couldn’t wait (well it has to wait until after the honeymoon) to write a glowing review of my own to help others choose Tammy too!! Tammy is ULTRA responsive (which is huge) she is almost always reachable and when she’s not she returns calls and emails very quickly. Another thing I really valued in Tammy was how giving with her time she was– she was always happy to talk, at length or meet, or conference call with my other vendors- I never felt rushed or like I ever had anything other than her rapt and full attention. My wedding wasn’t huge (about 60 people) but there are a ton of moving dynamics and variables that MUST be considered if you want your big day to go off without a hitch- remember when I said I wasn’t planning on needing/having a planner? Well, my family thought a planner might not be necessary as well, in the beginning…towards the end of the wedding day planning and certainly by the day of grey were all gushing over how instrumental and 110% necessary Tammy was. I couldn’t have been happier with my big day, and credit where credit is due I couldn’t have done it without Tammy (seriously). Tammy was my rock, and my rockstar through the entire process!!!!!!

Maggie and Beau

maggie and Beau

Tammy and her crew from Special Moments were a godsend! Even though I live only 10 minutes from our wedding venue, I was completely overwhelmed with the process of planning a wedding with my mom living out of state. Tammy truly was a “fill in mom” during the wedding process. She met with us whenever my mom was in town, and took a lot of my moms wedding jitters away too! Tammy took care of things I never even knew existed, and took the stress out of planning our wedding. It was so comforting knowing I could relax and enjoy planning and my big day without pulling my hair out! She knows all the vendors in the area and can recommend the best ones to you (and get you a discount!). Every vendor we spoke to, whether recommended by her or not, had nothing but fabulous things to say about her. She has a reputation in the bridal industry as one of the best planners around, and vendors want to work with her. This is one of the most valuable aspects of having a planner, as your vendors make your wedding, and getting the wrong ones can turn tragic. All of our vendors were recommended by her and absolutely fantastic (check the reviews!). In the wedding industry, vendors work together all the time at various events. When they have a good relationship, your wedding will run so smoothly, so trust her recommendations! If you want to actually enjoy your wedding, and not have overwhelming stress, YOU NEED TO HIRE TAMMY!

Nicole and Brian

Photo credit : Ashfall Mixed Media

Photo credit :
Ashfall Mixed Media


Tammy not only made my wedding beautiful. She made the year leading up to it fun and as anxiety free as I get lol. It was wonderful throwing ideas around with her. Once I knew that nothing was to crazy. She just ran with all my crazy nerdy, geeky, and sci-fi space ideas. She made our Dr. Who themed wedding invites herself and they are one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. I did not cry when I found my dress, but when I saw that invite I cried like a baby. Everything just felt so perfectly us. It was so bizarre having ideas of all these cools these in my head all year of what we were doing for the wedding not really knowing how it would all work. Tammy always knew though and when I walked into our reception room it was beyond my wildest dreams. It was like Tammy plucked it all from my head and put it all in that room for me and my husband.

I would like to add that not only did I get to know the amazing Tammy over this past year, but she matched us up with the most perfect vendors for us. They all made everything flow so well that day and leading up to the wedding. It was all just such an easy process, because of the right people.

Tammy also knows how to keep a couple on a schedule, but not over whelm them. Every few weeks we would get a list of things to work on, and then every couple months phone calls to check in. It was all very calm and gave us time to think out our decisions.

The day of my wedding I was so relaxed and didn’t have a worry in the world

and I know I owe so much of that to Tammy.

~Kelli and Brendan

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Photo credit: Ashfall Mixed Media

Photo credit:
Ashfall Mixed Media


Hiring Tammy to assist me with my wedding was the best choice I could have ever made! I wish I had found her from the beginning. She was always very punctual and responsive to her emails and in-person meetings. She had so many great and unique ideas that made my wedding one of a kind! She even made a floral backdrop for me by hand, herself (she found an inspiration of it online and I fell in love)!!!!! Her husband is also very talented in that he set up the “Wow” factor backdrop for my wedding =].

Additionally, Tammy ensured that the big day ran smoothly and looked flawless, unique and GORGEOUS. If you i ever had doubts about something or even a question, Tammy always had a plethora of great opinions, ideas & options to put me at ease or better a previous idea.

I couldn’t have done it without her.. she gave me the best wedding I could have ever imagined!

Thank you Tammy!!!!

Jessica and Slade

jessica and slade

Mine was a destination wedding, and Tammy made planning it pretty painless. She is very helpful, works with other amazing vendors, and was quick with suggestions and answers to questions. She is friendly, organized, and turned my vision into reality. My wedding was absolutely perfect!

                   Nancy and Jeff

Photo credit: Jillian Joseph Photography

Photo credit:
Jillian Joseph Photography


Tammy was absolutely unbelievable in helping to plan my wedding. When I got engaged, I was totally clueless as to where, when, and what I wanted in a wedding. I hired Tammy because of her awesome reviews, and I can honestly say that it was the best decision I ever made. My husband and I have very demanding jobs, and we live about 3 hours away from our wedding venue, so we did not have a lot of time/energy to spend planning. Tammy worked 100% around our schedules and made everything SO easy and stress free for me. I am so indecisive and horrifically disorganized, so she helped me pick colors, venue, flowers, dresses,rehearsal dinner, music & DJ, hair & makeup, ceremony, block room for the guests & so much more (basically EVERYTHING). She has the most creative, awesome ideas that just made the day so unique and special, and everything fit to our personalities exactly. I could NOT have done this without her. She kept 100% within our budget, and I really can’t believe how far she made the budget go! I feel like the wedding seemed much more expensive than what we actually spent. On the day before & day of the wedding, she kept things running extremely smoothly and stress free. Basically, Tammy made my dream wedding come true, with 100x less stress & 100x more fun than I could have ever imagined. I really can’t thank her enough. It was absolutely the most perfect, best day of my life. Thanks, Tammy!!!!!!

Lindsey and Phillip

 lindsey and philip

Tammy made my backyard look like something out of a fairytale with simple, tasteful and elegant decorations. She helped the big day go off without a hitch and I was able to sit back and enjoy every moment. Hiring her was the best decision I made about the wedding other than marrying my groom! Thanks Tammy!

Erin and David

Photo credit: Ashlee Hammon Photography

Photo credit:
Ashlee Hammon Photography


When we first began planning our wedding, I wasn’t sure if I really needed a wedding consultant. Now I don’t know how I could have done it and made it as amazing without Tammy and the Special Moments team. I had a vision; Tammy realized it and really made come to life. It was everything I wanted – romantic, beautiful, special, one of a kind, and well put together (down to the smallest detail). She has great relationships with vendors and helped me find the ones that were the perfect fit for us. She was there for me every step of the way and flexible with my schedule. I may of had have a couple of breakdowns during the planning, but after a conversation with Tammy, I immediately felt better. I’m not a great decision maker, and she helped ME make those decisions. Even when unexpected events arose on our day, she kept me calm and helped me to concentrate on the big picture – We’re married! She took care of everything and kept me (and all the vendors) on track on our special day and the days leading up to it. Tammy made it so on that day I had absolutely nothing to worry about. She has a great ability to understand people and loves what she does, and it shows. She went above and beyond. Even my mom said Tammy was perfect for me and our wedding, and I couldn’t agree more! There is not enough thanks and praise I can give to them. I would recommend them to every one of my friends.

Thank you Tammy and the Special Moments team!

Marla and Marcus

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Photo credit: Life's Highlights

Photo credit:
Life’s Highlights


Tammy is not only my wedding planner, she became my friend. She has planned three weddings for my family to date. If you expect perfection, you need Tammy. She took the time to get to know me. She figured me out. She allowed my vision to come to life. She was patient. She asked the questions that inspired me to think. There is nothing she can’t or won’t do for you. Just ask. When you think something is pushing the envelope, she’ll push it that much more. I can’t thank you enough, Tammy. Here’s to our next big event! 😉

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Jessica and Joe

Photo credit: Brandi Image Photography

Photo credit:
Brandi Image Photography


Tammy from Special Moments is the best! We were a destination couple and therefore had limited access to the area prior to the big day. We would have been lost without her. Even when we were unsure with our vision and a little sluggish with our responses- she motivated us and kept us on pace. She is very straight forward, competent and efficient. She is an absolute expert in this industry and by far one of the best decisions we have made. The key is to be honest about what you want, what you are willing to spend and she really does the rest. Our actually wedding day turned out to be flawless! While Tammy and crew were there ensuring that everything went smoothly, they remained virtually out of sight. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better wedding day. We highly recommend special moments for your wedding.

Tiffany and Reggie

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Photo credit: Kristina Houser Photography

Photo credit:
Kristina Houser Photography


Tammy from Special Moments is AMAZING! She always has a solution for anything and everything. We were planning our wedding from the Midwest and weren’t familiar with local vendors. EVERYONE that Tammy recommended was phenomenal. She is always responsive to emails and phone calls. Anytime I had a question, she was there with an answer practically before I finished the question. We were able to stay within our budget and still get the wedding that we wanted. She arrived early on our wedding day to be sure that each vendor knew what/where/when. All of our guests were able to relax and enjoy the day. I didn’t have to do anything except relax with my bridesmaids! When we arrived at the venue, we were amazed. She made our vision come to life. Our wedding day was perfect and we couldn’t have done it without Tammy. She is positive, supportive, flexible, and energetic. We would recommend her over and over and over again. Thanks Tammy!!

Shauna and Kaleb

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Photo credit Ashfall Mixed media

Photo credit
Ashfall Mixed media


Let me just start off by saying that I was living in GA while I was planning my wedding to take place in St. Petersburg, FL which is where my husband grew up. Needless to say, I had no idea where to start with a place for a rehearsal dinner, a florist, etc. The Clubhouse manager at the country club that we were getting married at gave me Tammy’s name and number. As soon as I called her and spoke with her on the phone I knew she was going to be the lady for the job! From our very first conversation, she was willing to listen to my ideas and give me her input on hers. I drove down to FL a few weeks later and met with her and my amazing florist which happened to be the great Iza with Iza’s Flowers. Both of these ladies sat down with me for almost 3 hours listening to my ideas and going through my entire wedding Pinterest board to make sure they knew exactly what I wanted. They both wanted to give me my dream wedding and that they did! From that day on, anytime I had questions about ANYTHING, I could call Tammy and she was always there! She helped me order candy for my candy bar, set up our rehearsal dinner, made a timeline of events for the day of the wedding, set up a caterer for me and my girls the morning of the wedding and the list goes on!!! She was there to help on the day of the rehearsal at the country club and was there the entire day of the wedding setting up our beautiful alter area with a chandelier, every single picture in the reception area and the candy bar plus more! Needles to say, she was Wonder Woman! 🙂 I know that that there is no way I could have had my dream wedding without her!

Thank you Tammy for EVERYTHING!!! You are the BEST!!! :):):)

Candi and Nick

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Photo credit Captured By Jenny

Photo credit
Captured By Jenny