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Looking Back on 2015

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Looking Back on 2015

We would really like to extend our gratitude out to each and every single person we have been associated with in 2015. Without the support of our vendors, clients, and family, this year would not have been as amazing as it was. A lot of great things have happened to Special Moments Event Planning this year, some great new connections with vendors, our amazing new team members,updated and renovated office and some of the best weddings and projects we have ever been lucky enough to be a part of.


As we look into 2016, and what we have accomplished this year, it almost seems impossible to top it next year, but we know with the amazing talented vendors, and unique and exciting events, this coming year will almost definitely surpass this great year that just passed.



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Best Wishes always,
Tammy, Krystal, Katie, Petra ,( new to the team- Alexis and Melissa)
The “Dream Makers” of Special Moments

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