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What to Wear at Weddings

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What to Wear at Weddings

I appreciate everyone that participated in our search for Good Martinis and Bad Martinis. That was my pet peeve for wedding décor, now allow us to move on to my pet peeve for wedding attire.

It happens every weekend, I sadly report, that jeans make an appearance at one of our Tampa bay Area weddings.  Bad martinis make my blood boil, but jeans, jeans, JEANS at a formal event just saddens my heart.  A friend of mine told me its like someone said, “I know we just came out for dinner but lets head over to this wedding too.”


I understand that everyone invited to a wedding may not already have a pair of slacks, and that not every wedding calls for a three piece suite, i.e. your beach and rustic themed weddings. However, a good pair of khakis are always on sale at Wal-mart, and a pair of linens pants are perfect for a beach wedding; but not jeans. The bride and groom spent a lot of money to have you as a guest at their union, so put on a nice outfit and show your support for the people you love.





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