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Plan B, always a Necessity

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Plan B, always a Necessity

Soon after moving down here I learned two things, and I learned them real fast (1) it’s always hot (2) summer means rain. The summer months are not so busy with Tampa weddings and planning but by no means does the business stop, so I’ve incorporated these two factors into every situation.  Brides, especially from out of town are taken away by the idea of a Florida beach/outdoor wedding in the summer and once the idea is attainable they want nothing else.  However,  take off your rose colored glasses and remove any cotton from your ears; understand that aside from the heat during the summer months rain during the day has never been a question of IF, but an undoubtedly WHEN.

As I type these words, I hear the rain hitting my window.

This is not to deter, discourage, or demean your plans, thoughts, and ideas; just a reminder that when having a Florida wedding in the summer, a plan B is a necessity.  Being positive and declaring that it will not rain on your special day is great, but read up on Murphy’s Law because your wedding is not something to take that chance on.  Naturally your West Coast Florida Wedding planner, more specifically, your Special Moments planner will build a backup rain contingency into her execution but she needs you on board to understand so that last minute scrambles can be avoided.  Sometimes a simple move inside can happen, and other times moving the ceremony inside at the last minute just will not work because of tables and chairs or other variables.  That is why it is important to plan ahead  **hint hint the planner’s job.  There’s a reason you hired us**.


Here are some pictures–because you know I love my visuals–of recent Florida outside weddings moments before the scheduled ceremony time. Both weddings turned out great, because we had a plan B, all happy guests and all happy couples.


20140531_172748  20140531_172733




Your wedding will still be a dream,

because you have your Special Moments Team.

Years from now guests will not remember  the rain,

an absent memory drained.

They will think how beautiful was she

and that fabulous Plan B.






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