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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

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Hello wedding world!! 

Allow me to introduce myself, I am your connection to the inside, your fly on the wall, your “you didn’t hear this from me” information source.  As the latest edition to Tammy Waterman’s Events by Special Moments team, aka The New Girl, I am going to chronicle the adventures of each wedding as I experience them.  And trust when I say that each wedding delivers its own adventure, without disappointment. 

My name is Krystal, and we are going to become great friends 🙂 



Tomorrow look out for the details from my first experience,  “Popping the Wedding Cherry”, a purple and cream wedding on the water.

But until the next time we meet, I leave you with the Quote of the Week:

If your significant other is mad at you, put a cape on them and say, “Now you’re Super Mad!” If they laugh, marry them.”

 xoxo Krystal