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Questions I am asked by your guests

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Questions I Am Asked By Your Guests…

As a Wedding Planner, I’m the go-to person on your wedding day…for everyone, including all of your guests. Not only do your guests ask my staff and I questions, so do your vendors and your wedding party (we’ll explore those questions in the next few weeks). For now, here’s a short list of questions from your guests:

  • Where’s the bathroom?
  • Can you help me find my seat (or…can I switch my seat to another table)?
  • Can I speak with the bride?
  • What are the directions to the reception?
  • I’m allergic to mushrooms, can you tell catering to not put any on my plate?
  • What time are they going to cut the cake?
  • Where is the couple going for their honeymoon?
  • There’s money in this card, can you take it?
  • Is there a nearby pharmacy?
  • Are kids allowed at the reception? (Even when they know the answer they’ll try to test me).
  • Where do the gifts go?
  • Is the bar open yet?

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